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Precision Choreography, the group responsible for post-2012 Olympic Kyla Ross artistry training and the floor routine for Armenian-American (future) Olympic gymnast Houry Gebeshian, has two new features to add to it's already amazing services. One service allows athletes to submit videos of skills and get feedback from Olympic and World medalists. The second service allows athletes and families to gain insight into the world of judging for the purpose of optimizing routines. Read more about the two features below based on recent press release.

Precision Choreography LLC announces the launch of its new division, PRECISION CRITIQUES, offering 2 innovative ways for athletes and coaches to achieve their goals: VEEP! (Video Evaluation by Elite Professionals) and MyGymJudge. VEEP! allows gymnasts and coaches to submit videos of skills-in-progress and receive custom video feedback by some of the best in the world. VEEP! consultants include World Vault and Floor Champion, Alicia Sacramone (Quinn), World Bars Champion, Hollie Vise (Naddour), and Gymnastics Legend, Betty Okino, among others. MyGymJudge provides athletes with the opportunity to submit full routines for written feedback from actual USAG judges. As an added bonus, Precision’s choreography team also chimes in with pointers on increasing artistry for all submitted beam and floor routines.

“I am so excited to be a part of a program that allows me to reach gymnasts all around the world and help them follow their dreams,” states Vise. “We truly believe these services will play a large roll in pursuing our mission of ‘raising the level of excellence in gymnastics via technical, philosophical, and artistic routes,’” says Precision founder and Olympic choreographer, Nicole Langevin, who is sure VEEP! will excite a technologically-saavy generation of gymnasts. “Back in the day, an autograph from your idol was the most exciting way you could connect with your heroes. With today’s technology, we are able to give athletes so much more,” she continues.

Precision has broken the 4th wall with the unveiling of MyGymJudge. With this service, gymnasts, coaches, and parents have the opportunity to become educated on the ins-and-outs of the scoring system. “How often do you finish a meet and think, ‘I wish I knew what the judges’ deductions were...’” says Okino, 1992 Olympian and USAG official. “Well, this is that opportunity!” she adds. “When it comes down to it,” says Langevin, also a USAG official, “judges love gymnastics and love nothing more than to have the opportunity to judge great gymnastics. It only makes sense that we want to help improve the quality of the routines.

Precision Professionals travel world-wide for choreography, clinics, consultations, training camps, and speaking engagements. Their subdivisions include a music department, Precision Compositions, and training plan creation, Precision Complexes. All Precision Professionals are USA Gymnastics Safety Certified and maintain the highest standards through continuing education.

VEEP! and MyGymJudge can be accessed directly at  For more information on Precision, visit the company’s website at

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  1. Very well initiative taken by Precision Choreography. Dance is an art and its promotion should be done in the correct ways. The article is lengthy but in a good way.