Pacific Rim 2016: Biles Makes Olympic Year Debut

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The Pacific Rim Championships will take place this weekend in Everett, Washington, USA. Headlining this meet on the women's side is three time World All Around Champion Simone Biles who will make her debut in the Olympic year. She did not appear at earlier World Cup meets or at Jesolo to make sure this stellar gymnast peaks at the right time - the Olympic Games.

Biles said in an interview that she will unveil a new floor routine and also debut a new second vault - a Yurchenko half on, one and a half twist off named after Chinese gymnast Cheng Fei. Other than bars, the one gold medal that has evaded Biles has been on vault. Her execution is exemplary but difficulty has kept her away from the gold medal. Now, with this new vault, she is just as competitive as the previous gold medalists, if not more competitive given her exemplary execution.

BFF Maggie Nichols was named to the team but unfortunately was forced to withdraw due to a "minor knee injury." Ragan Smith was chosen to replace her. She will join Ashton Locklear, Aly Raisman, and Laurie Hernandez. The big surprise of the team was definitely Brenna Dowell. After what we were told was an exemplary training camp, Dowell had multiple errors on uneven bars, the main reason she was chosen for the team. Because of this, she did not compete at all in team finals. Dowell must have shown great promise to be chosen over Ragan Smith (initially) and Alyssa Baumann.

The format of Pacific Rim Championships is 6 athletes, 5 up on each event with 4 scores counting. In the Olympic Year, federations were allowed to bring teams of entire senior athletes. Australia will be bringing their Test Event team: Georgia-Rose Brown, Emily Little, Larrissa Miller, Rianna Mizzen (a new senior), Emma Nedov, and Emily Whitehead. Brown and Nedov to compete AA at test event with Little competing all but uneven bars. Presumably, the lineup should be similar for this meet.

Canada is also sending a senior team. They have replaced new seniors Rose-Kaying Woo and Meixi Semple with Worlds team member Audrey Rousseau and Worlds team alternate Madison Copiak. They are joining Shallon Olsen and Megan Roberts - 2 new seniors with lots to offer the Canadian team. Brittany Rogers, after just competing at NCAA Regionals for the University of Georgia, will compete elite routines at this meet. Kirsten Peterman also made the Canadian team, a surprise a bit like Dowell. Peterman had to beat out athletes like Sydney Townsend, Rousseau, and Copiak for the spot.

Other athletes to watch are the gymnasts from New Zealand who competed as junior gymnasts in the 2012 Pacific Rim Championships. This was shortly after an earthquake that destroyed their gym. Since then, the gym has been rebuilt, these juniors became seniors that have competed at the Commonwealth Games and Worlds. Courtney McGregor is currently the athlete chosen for the Test Event. She will be joined by Mackenzie Slee and Charlotte Sullivan.

Coverage information for Pacific Rim Championships can be found below. Times are Eastern (GMT-4.)
USA Gymnastics Youtube
Pac Rim Champs Website

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