Gymnix 2016 Event Finals Live Blog

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Varvara Zubova

Live blog of the Gymnix 2016 event finals!

The senior competitors start on vault, challenge competitors on beam, and the junior competitors on floor. Keep refreshing for updates!

4:35PM Hope you guys enjoyed that! Go through in reverse order. Scores for juniors and seniors should be there. Think vault is missing for a rotation or 2. As soon as I get them, I'll post. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Rotation 4
Juniors on Beam, Seniors on FX, Challenge on Bars

Ooh they heard me!

Click to enlarge!

4:30PM - Will post full results once they become available. The commentator has signed out so not sure if the stream will cut off without showing the scores like the other rotations.

Klinckaert BEL FX - Damn. Superb DLO! Best one today hands down! tucked full in. Double Y but falls out early. switch ring. switch full. 1.5 wolf. Sky high double tuck! Double pike. The audience loves it!!!

Lapp FRA BB - Nice mount. Triple series, steps back and comes off. Leaps. Side somi. Switch ring. Side aerial-sissone. Front aerial to sheep. One of the few to truly connect them today. 2.5 small hop back.

Hanawa JPN BB - nice mount. wolf-split. front aerial leg up wobble. sheep. leg up again. switch split-back tuck small adjustment. bhs-bhs-layout 2 ft. solid. wow! bhs-bhs-loso. why both, girl? switch ring? adjustment. full turn. double tuck step back.

Meyers BEL FX - more dramatic Belgian music and she's drumming. leaps. double pike with steps back OOB. double tuck. switch ring to switch full. single wolf and puts her hand down a la Paseka. we'll see what they do. Nice jazzy beat.2.5 OOB again.

Gabby Perea USA BB - double turn. soli standing full. split leap-sissone. falls on her layout! nearly saves it but comes off. split-switch half and leg up again but stays on. switch ring. front aerial. side somi. 2.5 step back.

Onyshko CAN FX - ring full. whips through to double tuck. Is this a new routine? switch ring to switch split to stag. Nice. Full in dangerously low oh man. Her face was close to the ground. turns to illusion. double tuck

Zubova RUS BB - nice layout. nice scale. bend at hips after her Y turn. what is that skill? it's like an Onodi with a handstand in between. Nice connections. Double tuck and lurches forward.

Rousseau CAN FX - double arabian. 1.5 to double tuck. double pike hops forward.

Irina Alexeeva USA UB - Maloney to Gienger. toe 1/2 to laidout Jaeger. very straight bail. toe giant. giant half to double front. not bad!

So I missed Chrobok on beam.

Eythora Thorsdottir NED FX - she's just standing on her toes for like 5 seconds... leaps. double pike a few steps back. ro to switch ring half. 2.5 punch front tuck to stag. Think she missed the ring in her switch ring. Connected to a ring leap. Not her best.

Emma Malabuyo USA BB - double wolf. wobbles the last 1/4 turn but makes it. bhs-loso-loso lovely! sheep jump small wobble. front tuck to sissone. great (like gabby)! nice tucked arabian! side aerial. front aerial-split-straddle. switch ring leg up wobble. double pike. chest low. awesome international debut. WOW!!

Yuna Hiraiwa JPN FX - Addams family FX. twisting pass. falls on double tuck. missed that pass? fhs-front full to stag? don't quote me. Falls on 2.5 just kinda slips. That's what I get for telling you guys I like her.

Missed Botnaru on BB. No falls that I saw.

Olsen FX - tucked double double very low but didn't put hands down. Double tuck. Nice triple. Stuck double pike!

Perebinosova BB - fall ons layout. Side somi. Nice double tuck dismount.

Kajita FX - missed beginning. Nice triple. FHS-2/1. Double Y. Double tuck step back.

Dick UB - clear hip half, straddle shoot to high. Giant full. Toe tuck half. Missed the beginning.

Rotation 3
Juniors on Bars, Seniors on Beam (oh dear God), Challenge on Vault! Apparently challenge is done on vault so hopefully I don't miss too much this time!

Nina Derwael 13.975

Derwael BEL BB - Can I watch? I can't watch... I'm watching. I apologize in advance...
Great mount. Switch split - ring leap. Front aerial-sheep wobble. Slow connection. Side somi. bhs so-bhs so-loso leg up wobble. Solid side aerial. Steingruber dismount.

The beam scores might be tight!

Apparently scores aren't registering on bars now either.

Mys BEL BB - switch ring. sheep. Onodi (wanted to connect but wobbled). split-front aerial-sissone. full turn. bhs loso loso small wobble. Nice double pike. [I missed the middle so not sure if she had skills after her triple series]

Soza USA UB - toe full to Tkatchev. Ray. toe 1/2 to Ezhova. kch 1/2 toe shoot to high. FTDLO

Onyshko CAN BB - bhs-bhs-lo 2 feet. switch split-side aerial nice. bhs-tuck full on the beam but off to the side, 1 foot basically off, and falls. split-wolf. front aerial to switch half. Y turn. switch ring. Double tuck.

Padarariu CAN UB (lol I almost typed Romania) - jump to high- giant 1/2 totally misses straddled Jaeger. Ouch. Padarariu (inbar piked Tkatchev). Bail. stalder, stalder shoot. Giant full. FTDB. Good finish.

Perea USA UB - toe giant-Chow 1/2; inbar 1/2 to straddled Jaeger; toe full to Pak had to reach but makes it. Van Leeuwen. pin straight DLO. small step. 14.275.

RWoo CAN BB - wolf hop, front aerial side somi. falls on punch front. bhs-layout 2 feet. switch split-split/sissone who knows. switch half. double pike.

Boo. One of the gymnasts clocked her feet on the bar before her dismount in warmup. She's ok walking away gingerly.

Charpy FRA UB - nice Shaposh-Pak. Great van Leeuwen. Nice pike Jaeger. DLO.

The juniors literally sprinted to the bars haha. Part 2 getting ready!

The 2nd group of juniors waiting to warmup. One more to go on beam before we swap!

Kajita JPN BB - wolf-sissone, small wobble. damn great extension in switch split-back tuck. front aerial to split. bhs so-bhs so-loso. so beautiful. over rotates Y turn. switch ring little adjustment. side aerial with some loose legs. slightly cheated triple twist dismount.

Semple BB - My feed froze during her leap. beautiful triple series (bhs-loso-bhs? It was very pretty!). Jeez beautiful leaps. Pretty low double pike

Iliankova UB - Shaposh-clear hip full to huge Tkatchev. Hindorff a bit close. Pak. Shaposh, giant 1/2, full in.

Shaver VT2 - Tsuk layout step back

Thorsdottir BB - sissone-side aerial-Korbut hit! Onodi-sheep  (a little slow) wobble. Illusion 3/4 not sure if that was intentional... split-front aerial to scale. L turn. switch split-Y turn-full turn wobble. split-wolf. 2.5 not bad but she's not happy. 13.875.

Maisie hitting bars

Jurca CAN - huge Ray. Scoops the Pak and has to take an extra swing. Maloney. giant 1/2. tucked Moors.

Dick VT TTO - piked FTY, low chest. Nice leo
VT2 - boo FHS tuck front. She did a great one in warmups.

3:16PM - This whole single device thing is annoying...
Perebinosova - I had to log in and out like 5 times but she did well. Nice Ezhova.

YUNA HIRAIWA - OH EM GEE MY BEAUTIFUL BABY. saw her double wolf and 2.5 dismount. Not bad. I discovered her I think before 2014 Worlds. She made the team but got injured so couldn't compete. Wasn't back good enough for the 2015 team. And here she is now :)

3:14PM - They're doing a handstand competition with 3 gymnasts vs Ellie. Ellie's shirt is like falling over her head haha. She's moving around and the gymnasts are just standing there, one of them in a stag handstand. Her name is Kennedy aka baby Brittany Rogers. That was really cute. Ellie picked her up now.

Rotation 2

Believe she said vault score reports were down. I'll update if I hear anything!

VT1: DTY - a little sideways on her block and doesn't land all the way around (she's facing the table but angled out a bit)
VT2: very straight Yurchenko straight. Very nice.

Megan Phillips' leo is so pretty. Goodness gracious! Didn't realize it has lace but it's so pretty. Double L turn. Double tuck small steps. Beautiful movement throughout. Switch split switch half. Double turn - think she was going for more but came out. Punch front full. Switch full. Has to watch the feet. Commentator said 2.5 twist (I thought 1.5). Man oh man that was beautiful!

VT1: FTY - Great height and distance and form. NCAA 9.875 I'd say (so much height but not much distance)
VT2: missed it

Deriks UB - inbar-Komova. Pak. stalder, Chow to stalder 1/2 looks not sure if that was an error because she does another half turn. giant full. nice Tkatchev. gaint 1/2. FTDB not bad.

Chiles - sat her Amanar in warmup
VT1: Amanar with a big step forward! Not bad. I wanna give her a hug. Tbh, it's really not that bad. I think she'll have a very consistent stick.
VT2: Step to the side on DTY. Not sure if she stepped OOB.

Onyshko UB CAN - Maloney to clear hip full to Tkatchev. Hindorff with huge height. Gets a little stick on Pak. Van Leeuwen with a little leg bend. Nice double front.

Baby Moors - double front steps OOB. front 2/1. lovely music.

Woo CAN - Shaposh to clear hip half. clear hip half to straddled Jaeger. clear hip to bail to shoot to high. giant full. DLO. small hop.

VT1: missed first vault
VT2: Tsuk full. Step back.

Waem - had to fight at the beginning on her pirouette. Maloney to bail to shoot. toe full a little slow to Tkatchev. A little messy on half in half out.

2:50PM: 2nd half warming up. I'll get the template ready! Is anyone actually reading this? *crickets*

VT1: missed the first vault - FHS front pike 1/2 stuck per commentator
VT2: FHS front pike - large step forward but great form in the air.

Kennedy SCO FX - jump L turn, OMG what is all this dance before her first pass? 1.5 through to double tuck that was great! switch ring switch straddle 3/4 I think. Nice down to the floor.  Boo she fell on her double pike, knees down. Was up for a great routine.

VT1: handspring front pike 1/2 that was pretty clean!
VT2: nice FHS pike. small hop forward.

Miyakawa - I didn't process that Sae made UB finals! jump to high - clear hip-stalder-stalder full-giant half. piked Jaeger. Pak that was caught super close to the bar but came up from it stalder 1/2 shoot to high. Wow no clue how she's swinging out of anything. Amazing front double pike dismount. 13.275

VT1: FTY - doesn't travel much. Pike down on landing. I think she's tired...
VT2: nice Yurchenko layout. Steps back.

Castro - sugar honey iced tea. Went for double Y fell after single turn. Nice double pike nice leaps. Missed the ending.

Derwael - Chow to Bhardwaj; Maloney. Ricna. toe giant to Pak. van Leeuwen. giant 1/2. full twisting double tuck steps back.

VT1: very nice 1.5TY. I actually thought she was doing a double. Hop forward on the double.
VT2: and there she goes with the double. Great! Lost a little form in the air - slightly tucked

Kajita UB JPN with great stalders, excellent body line. Great high Jaeger. Full twisting double back with hips back a little so 2 steps back.

Polderman UB NED - Komova? to Pak, toe on, toe shaposh to bail shoot to high. full turn. giant 1/2 to nice straddled Jaeger. Full in dismount not bad. She just had some issues with her pirouettes. 14.0

Juniors on vault, seniors on bars, Challenge on Floor.

Rotation 1 - scroll down for start list. I'll stick to VT and FX this rotation.

Emma 14.350

Rose-Kaying Woo - guess she scratched.

2:22PM Malabuyo USA - nice full in tuck. Little hop. Double wolf comes up a little bit but comes back down. 1.5-2.5 and itsy bitsy steps close to the line. FHS-2/1 to stag. She was working on them a lot in warmups with Kim. Nice double pike.

2:17PM Padurariu CAN - nice opening pose. Ferrari. 2.5 punch front half. Had to pike a bit and one leg pops up. Nice switch half (she does it like Aly but definitely hits the split) and switch ring. 1.5 punch front full to stag that was lovely. Not sure where her D falls compared to Cimpian but she's definitely challenging. Nice double pike to close. 13.950

Phillips with a beautiful green leotard. I hope they get a picture of that. Great beam. Wobble on side aerial and just some foot issues on her leaps. Ooh. Good routine but tripped on her punch. Not sure if it would've just been a tuck full?

Cimpian ROU - first place qualifier. Mys I think? Switch ring half. She definitely didn't get all the way around. Nice full in tucked. Great height and control on double pike. Double arabesque a bit sloppy (back leg goes up and down). Switch ring to switch full. NICE TRIPLE! Switch full great. Commentator tells me she's a former rhythmic gymnast which I did not know. Great double tuck to close. Just a hop! Forminte greets her off the podium. OMG her birthday is January 1. Shoot me now. 13.6.

Ramler USA - front aerial - sissone- split. very pretty. nice triple series. shoot. she has a new switch leap Onodi but fell. Kinda crumpled in her Onodi. Leaps and wobbles but stays on. 2.5 twist deep landing and a hop. 13.0

2:10PM - Oguchi JPN dramatic onto floor and opening pose. Super high double layout. Wow baby! 2.5 misses her punch but gets the front layout. Split full? Not great... Double Y. Punch double full punch front tuck and nearly sat but stayed up. Nice switch ring. 2.5 probably supposed to be a triple. She did not have the endurance.

2:08PM - 2nd group warming up

Perebinosova RUS - She's in the pretty blue sweetheart leo that Aliya often wears. Nice mount. Nice 2.5 punch front. Ooh great height on her switch leap, not so great on her switch half. 1.5 through to 2/1 hop back. Uh h wolf. Ugh. Double wolf and stands after one and fakes it into her standing full turn. Great height on double pike but has to take a step back.

hmm. I have the vault stream on and no Rose...

Botnaru ROU - piked full in, steps OOB. Very nice double pike. Switch ring - switch half-split. Nice double tuck. Stuck! Switch full. Double full. Her twisting axis was off so she kinda popped out of it and kicked a leg out.

Sae Miyakawa
VT1: DTY - a little piked
VT2: just a FHS layout. It was very clean. All I know is i looked up during warmups at some point and she was on the ground so probably just playing it safe.

Kinsella GBR - nice Y turn. 1.5 through to 2.5 jump to the side. low triple. was worried she wouldn't make it around. hop in place. nice double pike. double tuck low chest again. nice routine just didn't quite have the endurance for it.

Shallon Olsen
VT1: nice DTY hop in place - 14.825
VT2: Khorkina - tucked Yurchenko 1/2 on tuck 1.5 off. Stick! Chest a little low.

Iliankova RUS - nice full in. missed a pass for Shallon's vt. nice L turn. double tuck stuck and end pose.

1:47 Athlete presentation. New Russian leo on the left. Will try and get a better picture.

1:45PM: Ellie just told you to go chase your dreams. Do it!!!

1:40PM: They're presenting past Olympians! Ellie Black getting recognized as well. Loud roar for her! Flag presentation. Think it's a remix of I like to move it move it. I feel like I should be watching Madagascar right now.

1:33PM: Flash mob time!! Fireball by Pit Bull. I wonder if there's one at the end that the gymnasts can participate in as well.

1:30PM: Athletes were just advised to get ready for march in

1:26PM: Warm ups have finished but no athletes waiting by the events. Guessing we still have a few minutes.

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  1. Great! I'm confused about which Woo, but it's all good.

    1. Whoops I'm only just now seeing this BUT Rose for vault and beam. Victoria did uneven bars.

  2. Thanks. I'm slow but I did figure it out eventually :D
    BTW don't ever think no one is reading your live blogs, especially for something like gymnix which is so hard to get video from.

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