This Week in Training: Euros Motivation

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European Beam Bronze Medalist Claire Martin is working on upgrades. She's working a double front as an uneven bar dismount and... wait for it... she's working a front handspring front tuck for beam! It's just on the low beam at the moment but yay! The possibility!

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Janine Berger is starting to make her comeback. Here she is workng a full twisting double back uneven bar dismount.
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MyKayla Skinner is working on getting her Amanar back.
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Jordan Chiles working a new Patterson dismount.
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Emily Little is working a bhs-tucked full on beam and has a bit of fear to get over before she can put it in for competitions.

Catalina Ponor is working an Onodi to wolf jump. She's serious about being back in the gym and I wouldn't count her out as a possibility for Glasgow...
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Mary-Anne Monckton is working a piked Tkatchev to Pak salto. She's slowly but surely coming back from her ankle injury and we have the pleasure of seeing what she's doing on bars in the meantime.

Fabian Gonzalez (ESP) is on his way back from injury and working a double pike on parallel bars. I always appreciate seeing the steps it takes to get a skill and this is one of them.

British gymnast Niles Wilson is coming back from an injury but he also reminds us that pommel horse is hard

Hope you enjoyed this week's edition! I'm going to start using the hashtag #apftwit (for Arabian Punch Front This Week in Training) to try and keep a better eye out on skills in case I can't add them to a post right away. Feel free to use the hashtag as well! Check the upgrades tag for older versions.