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Megan Roberts (CAN) at Intl Gymnix

Wow! I haven't done it since March. Think I thought things (tongue twister!) would die down because the season picked up but no chance!

Megan Roberts killin' it! Roberts is one of the top 3 Canadian juniors and will turn senior just in time for Rio. She's working some big skills but she has time to perfect them and get them consistent before her senior debut.

Morgan Hurd is working Ray - toe on straddled Tkatchev and it looks amazing.
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Catalina Ponor has been back in the gym for one month and is already getting back into double layout shape!
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Rumor mill says Enus Mariani might have an injury (ankle I think). Sad times. She's back in the gym working on bars after a disastrous performance at Jesolo. Check her IG for more because she shows a few more skills and connections she's working on.
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Again, part of why I'm ok with keeping the injury list is when you see positive stories like this one.

Simona Castro of Chile has posted a facebook video of her working a very nice 1.5TY.

Salto <3 :D
Posted by Simona Castro on Saturday, April 25, 2015

Felicia Hano has a triple series on beam now.

There's also a facebook page The US Rising Stars that posts updates on some of the young juniors and Hopes athletes (2002+ born I'd say).

There's some MAG stuff but ... I'll do a better job next week. John Orozco is working a Shewfelt vault. Think he's worked every vault class but a Yurchenko 1/2 on. Hope this one works for him.

In other MAG news, this is what happens when the boys try flares on BB a la Peng-Peng Lee.

Have a great week! Train hard!