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Alicia Boren
Photo Credit: USA Gymnastics

Delayed pseudo-live blog of the Nastia Liukin Cup. I think it's great that we end up with some future elites and future Level 10 champions at this compeition so I just wanted to document my thoughts on the athletes now. The broadcast mentions Gabby Douglas and Mykayla Skinner as previous attendees but I fell in love with Utah's freshman Kari Lee at the NL Cup one year ago. Freshman Gator and recipient of a Perfect 10 Alex McMurtry gained fame at the Nastia Liukin Cup. Hope to see some future greats :)

Always interested to see what things professional outlets are doing with social media

Rotation 2
Madison Osman FX (Michigan) - nice HIHO. Nice choreo. Unfortunate last tumble. Ahhh same gym as Shayla Worley. Explains the presentation.
Kaitlin Deguzman - nice full pirouette to double tuck. Beautiful lines.
Cassidy Keelen VT - that was a nice DTY. Seeing all these girls doing DTYs makes me want more people to try it in NCAA when the time comes.
Olivia Karas UB - nice cover. She has little form things but such is life. Loved the toe on pike front stick. That was awesome.
Loving all these braids.
Anna Glenn FX - loved her whip  2/1 and love her choreo. UCLA will be lucky to have her.
Abby Heiskel FX - another good steal for Michigan

VALERI <333333

Proud Papa and proud baby girl!

Lexi Graber VT - k I like her. FTY but so so clean in the air. Bama? Oh, girlfriend is definitely gonna get that stick.
Alicia Boren VT - 2nd VT better in air but bigger hop. She'll also get that stick at Florida.
Rachel Lukacs VT - nice DTY with hop forward. 2nd was better in air. Nice nice.
Chae UB - misses a few handstands. Almost misses her hands on pirouette before dbl front dismount but manages to get it all around ok. She's shooting for elite.
Makenna - another pretty beamer for Utah!!! to join Kari

"It's hard to get up but easy to fall." - Martha Karolyi

Rotation 3
Olivia Karas - that was a nice whatever that was??? haha
Cassidy Keelen - nice Tkatchev but unfortunate dead hang
Anna Glenn VT - that was an amazing vault. Great for UCLA
Abby - like her performance quality but almost think this song is too big for her if that makes sense

Missed a few because Martha was distracting me :P

Boren UB - I knew the fall was coming so sad :/
Rachel Lukacs UB - ... yay dismount?
Makenna Merrell FX - seriously. Utah will be lucky to have her and will do great things.
Carly Bauman VT - Chow's gymnast. Yo! Her FTY went better than her layout. So Chow's not with her.
Kynsee Roby FX - hmm need to find her beam 9.725. She has great presentation and carriage. Unfortunate fall. Aww poor girl.

Rotation 4
Lexi Graber BB - k. I like her. Decent bhs-layout 2 ft. Nice leaps. Great presentation.
Maddie Karr VT - ooh damn. That was pretty!!! 1.5TY. Better 2nd one. High five from Mihai! Going to Denver. That'll be good!
Alicia Boren BB - some back leg issues but great acro, dbl tuck dismount.
Rachel Lukacs - Georgia? Ooh they'll get that beam and fix those bars if they need it. That stick though.
Makenna Merrell - 1.5TY. Utah can fix this.
Chae Campbell FX - Nice execution - clean tumbling and leaps, and good presentation.

Kiya Johnson BB - few back leg leap issues but otherwise solid. Beautiful 2.5!!! Damn!
Olivia Karas FX - Awesome routine. Great presentation!
Anna Glenn UB - Wait so Anna Glenn NCAA 10 on UB? Little step on dismount but she landed off the edge of the mat. Held as best as she can.

Great meet. I wished they showed a few more juniors but such is life. There didn't seem to be that Sydney Johnson-Scharpf or Morgan Hurd junior this year on the broadcast. Overall some great gymnastics. I really enjoy watching the meet and this year wasn't any different. Looking forward to see who comes up from the juniors and what the seniors will do as they finish their JO career and headed to college.

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Who were you favorite gymnasts to watch?

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  1. I really enjoyed watching it to! I was really excited about Macy and sad for her. I had a lot of the same thoughts lol.