Ginnaste: Vite Parallele - MTV Series on Italian Gymnasts

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Ginnaste: Vite Parallele (Gymnasts: Parallel Lives) is about to start it's third series on MTV Italia. The previous protagonist of the series, Carlotta Ferlito, has stepped down from her role in the series and up and coming talents Enus Mariani and Elisa Meneghini have taken over. The new season starts March 16 and features of the main characters have been posted. (The videos are only available if you have an Italian IP address.)

Enus Mariani - video
Enus Mariani talks briefly about her back injury that kept her out of gymnastics for 2 years. During the time off, she very sad because all that she could do was watch her teammates train. Thanks to her parents support she found the strength to hold on and come back stronger than ever. Enus has 2 tattoos, one on her forearm that says "the best is yet to come." The second is on her side and is a tattoo with the E and a crown because most of her friends call her the queen.

Elisa Meneghini - video 
"Hi, my name is Elisa and I’m 17 years old and I’m from Como but all my friends call me “mini”. I started doing gymnastics when i was 5 because i used to jump on the sofa so my mum brought me to the gym and so my gymnastics career has started! I really love beam but what scares me are the uneven bars!The most important goal of this year are the Serie A composed by 4 matches, the european championships and the worlds. Starting from this year i’m training in Lissone where i live with Sofia and Alessia, i have so much fun with them. I’m a really positive person, i love chocolate and i really love taking lots of selfies. I hate insects, studying and vegetables. My favorite singer is Fedez [he’s an Italian rapper]. My superstitious gesture before any competition is that I have to lick my hands and so my lips become all white!"

double layout at worlds PT

Francesca DeAgostini - video
"I’m Francesca, I’m 18 years old and i’m from Milan. I’ve been doing gymnastics for 12 years and I’ve started because i used to went to the gym with my mum to watch my sister. I really love the beam but what scares me the most are the uneven bars. I had many injuries but the most difficult was the one i had before the olympics which in fact didn’t allow me to compete. But i really love this sport and that’s the reason i found the strength to restart training. The most important goal of this year are the worlds. I love chocolate, wearing straight hair and doing shopping and I hate… curly hair…well I actually have curly hair.  My gymnastics goal are the olympics but…I don’t know..
I think my horrible slippers give me luck before any competitions."

grabs her knee after vaulting

arthur gander!

Trailer 1 video (for Mini, it looked like she did her double front UB dismount, fell, and tweaked her back)

lara mori giving mini a kiss

elisabetta preziosa and sophia campana (usa/ita)

Trailer 2 Video - if you only watch one video, watch this one (MAG in this video too)
dance classes!

don't fall asleep!

want something done right, you have to do it yourself!

betta packing up :/

betta leaving... tears forever

Thank you so much @GiuliEchelon for the translations!


  1. The videos wouldn't work for me bc copyright :( oh well! It looks like a cool series!

    1. Did you try an Italian proxy? That was definitely the frustrating part and the reason why I did the screencaps so hopefully you got a good idea of what was going on.

    2. I didn't, I'm not sure how to do that...