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The international session of the WOGA Classic starts at 7pm ET/6pm CT. There are also some NCAA meets going on but I'll do my best to share what's going on at the WOGA Classic. I'm probably not going to get to every single person, just writing them out so I can blog quickly.

... I think this meet is actually starting at 7:30... They're warming up their last event now and I imagine they need to do presentations and everything.

Alyona has some foot form to worry about on beam. She fell on two attempts of her Onodi. Adeline Kenlin has a super ambitious switch ring to switch half on beam.

I haven't seen Ohashi and someone that's there said they can't see Polina Shchennikova.

I'm looking at UB now. Seems to be going ok. I haven't seen Ohashi. Everyone stares as Baumann, the World Champion, warms up. Irina fell and Laurent slowed the fall and picked her up with one arm. Just in case you wanna swoon. Baumann was close on her Jaeger so Laurent semi-saved. She might've been fine but was being cautious.  Katelyn's in her warm ups tying her shoes.

7:34 Music is still playing but think we're getting ready to start soon. Looks like people are putting their warmups on and we probably have presentations.

7:43 Announcements. A GB acro team is performing.
7:46 Took some screen caps. They're insane.
7:50 Presentation of gymnasts. Alyona gets pretty loud cheers!
7:52 The mayor says hi. National Anthem time!

Rotation 1
Maile O'Keefe - toe giant, maloney, tkatchev (very low), and dbl arabian dismount.
Irina Alexeeva - toe 1/1, maloney, bail, toe shoot to high muscles; tkatchev nice height, toe 1/2, L grip giant to Jaeger and falls. giant 1/2. double layout
Isabela Onyshko - starts on LB, maloney, clear hip 1/1 to straddled tkatchev, to Hindroff to straddled pak. shiza. think it was a shaposh variation up. missed her hands and fell. toe 1/2, endo. dbl front. she fling s out her double front. hop forward. her warmups were pretty good.
*disclaimer: there were 2 Japanese girls and one hit her face on a close Jaeger in warmup so I'm not sure which one is competing.
Kajuta Nagi - inbar 1/2 to Jaeger; pak; toe on, toe shoot to high; clear hip giant; stalder 1/1; full twisting double tuck.
Yuka Momiyama
Katelyn Ohashi - NS
Alyssa Baumann - shiza again. toe 1/1 but doesn't quite make it over and comes off.. shiza because i don't know if she hurt her shouler. toe 1/1-maloney-pak is straddled and lands on bar. shiza. attemps van leeuwen and falls sideways. laurent tells her to stop.
Sae Miyakawa - stalder 1/2. jaeger. giant 1/2. DLO step back.

Angel Romaeo - solid triple series, wobble on switch half;
Morgan Hurd - front aerial to sheep if my eyes didn't fail me. bhs-bhs-loso with a little check. switch ring with a big wobble. sissone-side aerial. split jump-pike jump. switch split (soft back leg) back tuck. 2.5 dismount.
Areli Medina Navarro - one of those nice straddle-y mounts. single Y turnsde aerial-bhs so.; split leap-side somi. dbl turn. thnk it was a 2.5 dismount but she missed her foot a little so she fell.
Raer Thaeker - front tuck mount onto beam. split jump not 180. side aerial-loso? falls. switch split. split. falls on double turn.
Georgina Hockenhill - bhs-loso. switch split. switch side. front aerial-sissone. full turn. side aerial. split full? side somi. she's so calm on the beam. dbl tuck with near stick.
Elena Arenas - full turn. bhs-bhs-loso. split combo. dbl pike dismount. Papa is happy too! Grabs her for big bear hug
Aria Brusch - wolf turn. front aerial-sissone-split. bhs-loso. switch 1/2. switch split-back pike with just a little wobble. full turn. dbl pike. hit routine.

Alyona Shchennikova - dbl pike; fhs-2/1 to stag; 2.5 dismount was good. I think I missed a pass but Papa looks happy.
Yufen Xie full in tuck, heard she went OOB , dbl pike was low
Polina Shchennikova - NS
Adeline Kenlin (no VT, no FX)
Yawen Bai - full in potentially landed OOB, 2.5 twist with step to face forward. dbl pike dismount
Xiaofang Zhu - missed
Celine van Gerner - dbl pike mount. dbl L. dbl tuck. saw she had a twisting pass in one of the other feeds. missed dismount.

Rotation 2
Mirai Sekiguchi
Natsumi Sasada
Nachiko Kimura
Koko Tsurumi - missed it ahhhhh!!!!!
Adriana Popp - she fell on her jaeger
Akiho Sato
Honoka Koga

Isabela Onyshko - bhs so-bhs 2 ft-lo2ft. front aerial wobble-front aerial-1/2 illusion? switch ring-beat-jump-side aerial. Y turn-full turn. switch split-gainer loso. switch 1/2. split hump-wolf jump. sits back a little too much in dbl tuck dismount and falls. she has choreo at the beginning of her routine but not much near the end. lots of elements. curious to see what her D is in the end.
Kajuta Nagi
Yuka Momiyama - dbl turn. switch ring (questionable). bhs-loso and a step back. front aerial-split-wolf. side aerial-sissone. fhs-side somi. interesting! switch split. dbl y (huge lunge into it and a little wobble out). dbl full. and a bow.
Katelyn Ohashi - long long wait. bhs-bhs-layout 2 feet. switch ring. side somi. full turn. side aerial-sissone-wolf jump. dbl pike near stick (foot shuffle). so someone has calculated her D score from her L10 routine and said it was a 5.4. 14.05 score here.
Alyssa Baumann - NS
Sae Miyakawa - switch split-split --> back leg issues. front aerial. front tuck. she has very soft choreo. high back tuck. full turn. ro-layout 2 feet and comes off. dbl pike.
Maile O'Keefe - missed her first sequence. front aerial-looso. front aerial-sissone.  switch ring. split-wolf. dbl tuck and falls back.
Irina Alexeeva - falls on twisting split and slides down the beam. falls a 2nd time. dbl pike dismount.

Areli Medina Navarro
Raer Thaeker - dbl turn. switch full. full in steps forward. fhs-2.5 and puts a leg up to control herself so she stays in. fhs-double full. right on the line. back 2.5. not sure if she's hurt again but she basically didn't care at all during that routine. she looked nervous at the start. think this is her first competition since commonwealth games.
Georgina Hockenhull - missed the leap. dbl arabian. 2.5 punch tuck. switch ring. switch full-split jump. dbl tuck.  dbl turn. dbl pike. solid routine. needs to work on presentation quality.
Elena Arenas - piked full in! some form issues. front double full.  dbl pike. dbl L - full turn. switch ring. switch half. 2.5 dismount?
Aria Brusch - piked full ni. she looks like she's grown taller. 1.5 through to double pike. 2.5 twist. front aerial. switch half. she likes doing this shoulder flexibility choreo. it's on her BB and FX. dbl pike.
Angel Romaeo - dbl pike and steps back oob. 2.5. switch full. haha. she has this sassy moments in her choreo. triple turn. dbl tuck short and step forward.
Morgan Hurd - missed first pass because of Alexeeva's fall. front full, front double full. 2.5 dismount. what i saw was great!

Rotation 3
Celine van Gerner - rather Bai is helping chalk for Celine. What I saw - toe giant-toe 1/2-jaeger. stalder full to full in dismount which she fell on.
Alyona Shchennikova - totally missed because a photographer stood in front of the camera haha.
Yufen Xie - low bar maloney-pak; van leeuwen; giant 1/2, full pirouette another full (I don't know my L-grip pirouettes),  1/2 to tkatchev. DLO with just a hop.
Polina Shchennikova - NS
Adeline Kenlin (no VT, no FX) pak salto; stalder 1/2; stalder shoot to high; toe 1/2; giants to dismount
Yawen Bai - so my feed froze but she froze in a lovely stalder position - stalder full; endo then straddled jaeger; pak; stalder 1/2 -toe shoot to high and muschles up. dbl pke dismount. wasn't sure if bai and then she bowed so bai haha.
Xiaofang Zhu

Nachiko Kimura
Koko Tsurumi - woo! front aerial. switch split-split jump. onodi wobble bend at hips. sheep jump. side somi. bhs-loso wobble. full turn. side aerial. switch ring - ring didn't quite get up.  STUCK 2.5!
Adriana Popp
Akiho Sato
Honoka Koga
Mirai Sekiguchi
Natsumi Sasada

Yuka Momiyama
Katelyn Ohashi - piked full in. 1.5-front full punch front pike. switch ring-switch 1/2. switch full. dbl pike. steps to the side which causes her to step out.
Alyssa Baumann - NS
Sae Miyakawa - dbl dbl lands a little low. front layout to nice tight ivana hong double front. leaps. front double full. goes for the double layout dismount and just misses it. hands down.
Maile O'Keefe - triple twist mount. dbl turn. 1.5 to 2.5. switch ring to switch full which was nicely at 180. double pike. Tori's music by the way. switch ring 1/2. double tuck. nice ending.
Irina Alexeeva - 2.5 punch front full right at the line. 1.5 punch front double full?  she's also grown so much i can't get over it. memmel turn (could bring higher but think it gets credit). switch ring - switch full. double L - drops below horizontal. switch half that might've wanted to be a ring. double pike lands short but holds it.
Isabela Onyshko - piked full in (kinda tucks the full part); leaps. 1.5 to double tuck. goes for Memmel but doesn't hold her leg in tight enough so the 2nd rotation doesn't quite get around. think she wants to do Memmel-full turn. dbl pike with legs apart.
Kajuta Nagi - 2.5 punch front tuck. fhs-double full. 1.5 to front layout full. Memmel. dbl tuck.

I'm going to do UB and BB here.
Rotation 4
Aria Brusch - FTDLO! saw a Maloney in there too. Solid. Jaeger was her release.
Angel Romaeo - high bar. giant 1/2 straddled jaeger a little low. toe 1/2 and can't get over.  toe-full. straddled tkatchev soft knees. bail stalder shoot to high.
Morgan Hurd - rushes in bar and doesn't make it up. coach holds her back to calm her down before starting again. in bar stalder to tkatchev. pak salto. 1/2. stalder full. stalder shoot to high. giant 1/2. stalder. full in.
Areli Medina Navarro - think she went for a shaposh and fell. 1.5 pirouette to piked jaeger. dbl front dismount and falls.
Raer Thaeker - weiler and changes grip. not sure if intentional. feed skipped. saw a pak salto. then fell over on a handstand. van leeuwen with loss of leg form. straddled tkatchev. toe full. full in. jeez. one of her giants wasn't great so she didn't have the momentum going into dismount.
Georgina Hockenhull - endo 1/2 maloney-pak; shaposh bail giant half. i'm getting all confused. stalder shoot to high and catches too close. low straddled tkatchev. DLO. think she only did two giants so she didn't make it at all. knees hit the ground.
Elena Arenas - think she's the last athlete to compete. [I think Papa Liukin is watching in the background.] low bar. toe giant. maloney. tkatchev.  toe full to pak! you go girl! kch 1/2 stalder shoot to high. giant in l grip. DLO. Yayyy!!!That was the sweetest thing in the whole wide world. Dad picks her up and gives her a big kiss on the cheek.

Celine van Gerner - bhs-loso. split leap-side aerial. switch half. switch full. BEAUTIFUL! full turn. switch split-switch side. think the dismount was dbl pike. big hug from coach.
Alyona Shchennikova - sissone?-wolf. bhs-loso. switch split. onodi with a leg up wobble. front aerial. sheep. side aerial slightest check. full turn. side somi. double? triple? i dunno hit routine. then that half in dismount but falls.
Yufen Xie - press handstand mount. she reminds me of YJN mixed with SCS. bhs-bhs-loso solid. L turn overrotates. front aerial-sheep and falls. oh no! side somi. switch split-back tuck. wolf-sissone-side aerial. dbl pike just a step.
Polina Shchennikova - NS
Adeline Kenlin (no VT, no FX) - switch ring. switch full was questionable. my feed froze but she fell on something.  front aerial-sissone-split. switch split-switch half (not 180)-back tuck. bhs-bhs-dbl tuck was low.
Yawen Bai - switch ring with a little check. ro-layout 2 feet and she fell. fell on it in warm ups too. front aerial-sheep.side aerial that was kinda a somi. side somi. my feed skipped a bit. dbl pike dismount and bows.
Xiaofang Zhu - also falls on ro-layout 2 feet. my feed froze but split jump-wolf jump. switch oversplit - back tuck. just does a layout dismount.


  1. Thanks so much for posting this! Really impressed that Miyakawa is still going for so much in her floor routine, although if she doesn't have enough juice for the DLO dismount, I hope she learns to land any D dismount.

    Did you notice if Bai Yawen competed any unusual leap on FX? She is supposed to be training switch ring leap followed by a half turn.

    Also curious about Zhu Xiaofang's fx music, I think she had super mario last year and I'm hoping it's still alive.

    1. Yes, Bai did to the switch leap 1/2! I'm not sure about the Super Mario music actually. It's not ringing a bell at the moment.

    2. Good for her! I hope the super mario music resurfaces. Here is her old routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ_IXN6ErT8

      I hope the super mario music resurfaces

  2. Do you know what bars d score Yufen Xie has

    1. I believe it's 6.5 based on descriptions online. It sounds like she has a rountine like yao jinnan: maloney+pak (D+D 0.1), VLW (E), 1/2 pirouete+healy+ono+healy 3/2+tkatchev (E+E+E+D 0.3), DLO (D).

      The VLW is a new skill for her, she used have the healy 1/2 in combo with a tkatchev, and the healy+ono combination with a jaeger last year, earning 6.4.