This Week In Training: Thrill of the Skill

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Cintia Rodriguez (ESP)

This week is full of twists! New skills with twists. Upgrades with twists. Kohei being Kohei and being insane with twists. Enjoy :)

Spain's Cintia Rodriguez is recovering from knee surgery but that has not stopped her! She posted a video of her working a new skill on the uneven bars - a stalder shoot to high with a full twist! We're seeing a lot more Bhardwaj's and we know about the Seitz but we haven't seen extra twists added to the "conventional" shoot to high. Could be interesting if she gets to compete it!

Agnes Suto, the Hungarian gymnast who competes for Iceland has just moved to Finland. She is still training in the gym and working new skills. She links to a video of her working a Bhardwaj on her tumblr.

Mary-Anne "Mez" Monckton of Australia is still on the mend after her peroneal tendon repair surgery. Her boot was just removed and she continues to post videos of her rehab and training. Below is a video of her training exercises now that she can walk again. One of the great things about Mez's videos are the workouts that we couch gymnasts can do! My favorite video for exercise ideas was her med ball video that you can find here. Make sure to subscribe to her channel!

Varvara Zubova is a young Russian gymnast starting to make a splash on the gymternet. A lot of people love her opening floor choreo that you can find here. On instagram, there is video of her training a layout Gienger.
A video posted by варя (@varvara_gym) on

Dorina Boczogo says she is just playing around as she debuts a new Podkopayeva (double front tuck half out).
A video posted by Boczogo Dorina (@dorinaboczogo) on

An ankle injury kept Great Britain Olympian Lisa Mason out of contention for the Commonwealth Games. But nothing stops her! She continues to train high level skills. Make sure to follow her on instagram! Here she is showing a triple twist dismount off beam. - looks like it was taken down but it was a triple in the very early stages.

Shilese Jones is a young US gymnast who recently moved to Buckeye Gymnastics - home of Nia Dennis and Gabby Douglas. After the recent move, she is already posting video of her new skill - a Pak salto.
A video posted by Shilese Jones (@shicanfly) on

Gymnastics great Oksana Chusovitina is in training with her coach, who is also great, Svetlana Boginskaya. Chusovitina is working a new front pike mount onto beam. Boginskaya also posted video of Chuso doing a front pike on beam with weights (I assume) to work on height of the skill.
A video posted by SvetlanaBoguinskaia (@svetlanaboguinskaia) on

Chantysha Netteb has been out for over a year recovering from an ACL injury. Hopefully this is the year we'll see her back in competition. Known for her vaulting ability, Netteb was a strong all arounder for the Netherlands. Here she is on uneven bars working a Shaposhnikova to Pak and Maloney (toe on shaposh 1/2) to bail to handstand.
A video posted by Chantysha Fahrelle Netteb (@chantyshanetteb) on

Celine van Gerner has really impressed me with her comeback. She achieved her goal of making it to the Olympics in 2012 but she is back to help the Netherlands qualify a team to the Olympics. She was back strong in 2014 making the Worlds team and she's still working hard. Here she is showing a new full twisting double layout.

USA's Alex Naddour, best known for his pommel horse work, is upgrading his vault to a Tsuk double pike. IG: alex_naddour

Alexander Shatilov of Israel is upgrading his high bar showing a Walstrom - a full twisting Yamawaki. IG: alexander_shatilov

Edgar Boulet has created a training montage of the French men in training. It's a short video but it features a few of the French gymnasts and there might be more videos to come.

There has also been video of Kohei Uchimura training a QUADRUPLE twisting double tuck. It looks like a full in triple out but you'll have to help me. link

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