This Week in Training: Never Give Up

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Youna Dufournet

This week (last week, sorry!) in training, we have a lot of gymnasts that are coming back from injury - Youna Dufournet (a long time ago but still), Maggie Nichols, and Sam Oldham. Hope you enjoy the upgrades!

Youna Dufournet is working her new connected bar routine. On her instagram, you'll also find video of her working an Ezhova. She might be going a total Tweddle route with insane connections!

Maggie Nichols is back from her knee surgery and recently posted video of her training a full twisting double layout (as a full out).
A video posted by Maggie Nichols (@swaggiemaggie2016) on

Nadia Cho, a WOGA gymnast who is a new senior, recently posted video of her working a new Tkatchev which has a great amount of height and distance from the bar on her catch. What I'm showing here, however, is her whip to full in because that's super impressive! It's from 2 months ago so I must've missed it.

Kenzo Shirai was bored and figured a 3.5TY would keep him intrigues... It's in the early stages but it's February and he has a lot of time to perfect it. I wouldn't be surprised in the least to see it come Worlds. (Just because I remember thinking triple twisting Yurchenko! Ha, please!)

I don't have eyes for things in MAG so you'll all have to help. Alexander Shatilov showed an instagram video of a new skill he's working on that "pushed the hand" of Sam Oldham to show what he's been working on. Shatilov seems to do a Rybalko (hop 1.5) to 1.5 twist one armed giant. Oldham seems to do a hop full to double twisting one armed giant. Both insane.

A video posted by Alexander (@alexander_shatilov) on

Oldham calls his a double turn to one armed giant. Maybe direction of the giant doesn't matter?

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