Elite Canada 2015

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Shallon Olsen (left) and Rse-Kaying Woo (right)
Photo belongs to Shallon Olsen

The first meet of the Canadian elite season has just wrapped up. Elite Canada had some surprises with a few returns and the addition of a few Rio-eligible juniors to senior ranks. Canadian women's national team direction Dave Brubaker said, "I asked all of the athletes eligible for the next Olympic Games to become seniors this year because they need the experience. It’s certainly nice to know we've got more girls coming into the mix."

Rose-Kaying Woo is one of the juniors asked to join the senior ranks early and she ended up winning the competition over 2014 World Team and Commonwealth Games Team member Isabela Onyshko. Shallon Olsen was the other junior asked to move up early. She first made a splash as a 12 year old with a very impressive double twisting Yurchenko. She finished the all around competition in 6th but went on to win the vault event final and earn the bronze medal on the floor final. Youth Olympic Games competitor Sydney Townsend made her senior debut and finished tied for 4th place in the all around.

Athletes returning to competition was a highlight of the meet. Victoria Moors, who abruptly left the 2014 Commonwealth Games came back to competition on vault and floor. Ella Douglas is back from multiple injuries and rehabilitation on the uneven bars. Sabrina Gill, who recently committed to Oregon State University, was back on the uneven bars and ended up winning the event final with a 5.9D/14.250 routine.

Missing from the competition were World Team members Aleeza Yu and Jordyn Pedersen who are both recovering from injuries. Ellie Black compete on just the balance beam which she won in the event finals with a 6.4D. Victoria-Kayen Woo, older sister to the all around champion, was also present and went into the uneven bar finals in first but had some mistakes that left her off the podium. Maegan Chant was also present but did not have a strong competition.

All Around
1. Rose-Kaying Woo ('00)54.800
2. Isabela Onyshko53.650
3. Audrey Rousseau52.650
Uneven Bars
1. Sabrina Gill14.250
2. Émilie Dumont13.750
3. Audrey Rousseau13.450
Balance Beam
1. Ellie Black14.950
2. Rose-Kaying Woo ('00)14.500
3. Isabela Onyshko14.300
Floor Exercise
1. Hélody Cyrenne13.850
2. Sydney Soloski13.800
3. Shallon Olsen ('00)13.350

Only single vault scores were listed with the order as Shallon Olsen ('00), Maegen Chant, and Hélody Cyrenne.

Full results can be found on gym-score-depot.
Additional video is available on Gymnastics Canada YT channel - currently has Ellie Black BB and Hélody Cyrenne FX, Sydney Townsend FX AA.