Gymnastics Rehab: Mary-Anne Monckton

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Australian gymnast Mary-Anne Monckton returned from the 2014 World Championships with a nagging pain in her ankle. After visiting the doctor and multiple tests, she learned that the injury that had been bothering her for some time was peroneal tendon tear. The Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist on balance beam had to have surgery. She has since decided to make a youtube video diary of what her rehab looks like on a weekly basis.

Here's the intro from the first video:
Following the 2014 World Championships in China I returned home and underwent surgery on my left ankle, which had been bothering me for about a year and became so painful that it hindered my training and competition performances. Turns out that one of the peroneal tendons was ruptured, so the surgeon had to attach it side by side to the tendon next to it.
You can find Monckton's channel here and watch the first video below. She's now off crutches and is already more than 4 weeks post surgery.

Here she is at Doha Challenge Cup earlier this year where she earned a 14.700/16.300, just .15 behind Romania's Larisa Iordache for the silver medal.


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