Central American and Caribbean Games Veracruz 2014: Day 2 EF

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The gymnastics portion of the Central American and Caribbean Games wrapped up on Saturday. Jessica Lopez was the female gymnast of the Games, walking away with an all around, bars, beam gold and floor silver. Her all around score was a strong 55.633 as she heads into the World Cup season.

Mexico had a few finalists on day 2. Both Ana Lago and Elsa Garcia appeared in the balance beam final while Garcia was joined by Karla Retiz for the floor final. Unfortunately, Garcia had a fall on balance beam that kept her out of the medals and had pretty significant execution deductions on floor. Retiz had a decent routine but did not have the difficulty to challenge. Lago proved she is back from her ACL tear after hitting a strong beam set, complete with a standing arabian and double tuck dismount that she hopes to upgrade to a full in.

1stJessica Lopez (VEN)14.250/15.400
2ndAna Lago (MEX)13.850/15.600
3rdYesenia Ferrera (CUB)13.525/15.700

1stYesenia Ferrera (CUB)14.100/16.100
2ndJessica Lopez (VEN)13.600/15.400-0.1
3rdDovelis Torres (CUB)13.425/15.800

Ana Lago BB

You can find more videos of MEX MAG and WAG here.
You can find videos of PUR MAG and WAG here.

Short live blog and leos below:

Ana Lago is in BB finals. The leo game is strong here :)

Sorry, my internet keeps going in and out so I won't be able to continue the live blog. Will update later with recap, leos, and more!

Rudy Sandoval (COL) - switch ring. solid. full turn little bobble. bhs loso bends at hips but ok. onodi! fancy and well done! front aerial little wobble. side aerial small bend at hips. switch side. side choreo. switch leap-split jump? double full. Very pretty routine! 5.6/13.025

Yessenia Ferrera (CUB) - split jump-sissone-front aerial solid. bhs-loso floaty but aggressive at the same time. switch leap-side aerial little wobble and hesistates to save it. sheep jump. slides down to a split. full turn wobble. switch 1/2. she gets height on her leaps. split jump-side somi keeps her thighs held and almost falls over but doesn't. bhs-double pike. damn, that's the most height I've seen on a double pike. She's so over everything. 5.6/13.425

Elsa Garcia (MEX) - switch leap-switch half. punch front leg up wobble. bhs-layout to 2 feet. wobble. side aerial. side somi and hips too far back so she falls. remounts to choreo. front aerial. switch ring.  full turn with a little wobble and goes past by 1/4. duper high double tuck. If she's working a full in too, I'd totally believe it. Long wait for Elsa's score. 5.8/12.5

Isabella Amado - bhs-bhs 2 feet-layout 2 feet. solid.  front aerial-sheep (slight hesitation). sheep. full turn. switch leap-back tuck. small check. switch 1/2 not near split. front tuck. split. sissone-wolf/pike? over time.  double pike! flexibility was only an issue right near the end so I don't know if nerves took over. But good routine!

Ana Lago (MEX)

My internet is dying on me...

Audrys NIN (DOM) - He reminds me 1000% of Stacey Ervin. And he just prayed to the Good Lord...  STUCK DRAGULESCU!!! woot woot! Just to the side of center. 15.425.  Kaz I dunno 2.5? He was facing away.

Jossimar Calvo (COL) - No! Lands a little lock legged on Kaz 2.5 (VT ID: 230) so he jolts back and falls. DTY super solid. He's upset.

Alexis Torres (PUR) - Damn. So solid. Kaz something (230 again). Slightly off center but otherwise amazing. Rudi? Didn't look like the greatest block but he survived it. Jolted his back.

Javier Cervantes (MEX) - oh no!! fall. FHS 2/1. Does a little hop but has too much momentum back and falls.

Rudy Sandoval (COL)

Yesenia Ferrera (CUB)

Elsa Garcia (MEX)

Elsa Garcia (MEX)