Central American and Caribbean Games Veracruz 2014: Day 1 EF

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Live blog of the Central American Games Day 1 of EF featuring uneven bars and vault.

Elsa Garcia (MEX)
VT1: 1.5TY. Straight down the middle. She like floats in the air. It's kinda insane. Loss of form in the last half turn, very evident in slow motion. 5.3/14.4
VT2: Yurchenko 1/2 on, front pike off. Lands a little lock legged and jolts forward but she seems ok.
14.062 average

Paula Mejias (PUR)
VT1: whoa! Was that a Tsuk 2/1? She twists the last one around super quickly. Maybe landed with one over the line but hops in. Low chest. It's an impressive vault for sure. 14.625 - didn't see breakdown
VT2: FHS tuck 1.5. Think she landed midline but then hopped OOB and off the mat. Not bad in the air though.

Yamilet Pena (DOM)
VT1: DTY - she twisted a little early so she didn't get a good block. Lands with chest low. She definitely has better DTYs than that one. 14.150
VT2: Rudi - she slapped her legs so I thought she would do the Prod but instead she debuted a Rudi. Didn't get great height. Landed lock legged. Chest low. Saluted quickly and limped off the podium. Looked like they were massaging her quad as opposed to knee issue so we'll see

Nicolle Vasquez (PUR)
VT1: DTY - looked good. Not too much to say. Dead center. She could maybe get more height?
VT2: FHS 1/2 - Looked good! She's thrilled as is her coach!

Dovelis Torres (CUB)
VT1: DTY - bent arms on block, flexed feet but pretty good body position, 1 foot OOB after landing I think. 14.575
VT2: FHS tuck 1/1 - I'm not used to seeing them so tucked FHS always shock me. Looked good though. Good landing.

Yesenia Ferrera (CUB)
VT1: Rudi - yikes. I want ASac back. Bent arms on block has to whip the twists around. Deep landing and takes a step back.
VT2: Tsuk 2/1 - small step back. But otherwise was fine. Coaches are happy. Teammate is in 1st right now but I'm guessing this should take it.

Diana Ardila (COL)
VT1: 1.5TY think landing surprised her. She runs forward. She wiped the horse off so think she didn't get the block she needed. She's in the YJN UB leo. In slow mo, you see her hands slip towards each other so super narrow block.
VT2: Tsuk 1/1 no major issues that I saw.

Catalina Escobar (COL)
VT1: DTY not too bad in the air. Lands a little off center so small hop to save it. 14.725.
VT2: Yurchenko 1/2 on front pike off - little hop to side and quickly salutes.

Overally, pretty decent vault final! Lots of DTYs but nice 2nd vaults - some Tsukaharas, some Rudis, a few FHS tucks.  Not too shabby! Also, the girls were ALL amazingly smack dab in the center. Think only 2 vaults weren't dead center.

1stYesenia Ferrera (CUB)14.950/16.20014.825/16.00014.887
2ndDovelis Torres (CUB)14.575/15.800 (-0.1)14.275/15.30014.425
3rdNicolle Vasquez (CUB)14.725/15.80013.875/15.00014.300

Uneven Bars
Elsa Garcia (MEX) - low bar, stalder 1/1, toe on 1/2 shoot to high; 1.5 to jaeger, think she hit her feet but caught; tkatchev, toe 1/1, to bail falls over but saves it. shoot to high. double front dismount! Definitely not her best routine but she made it through. 5.8/13.200

Bibiana Velez (COL) - giant full to Gienger, hop change to Jaeger; bail, straddle shoot to high has to muscle up, double arabian dismount. Fist pump afterwards. She's happy. 5.6/13.350

Ana Sofia Gomez (GUA) - low bar, Maloney immediate uprise to Church bail, shoot to high, toe 1/1 to Gienger, toe 1/2 to Jaeger lacking a little height. Full in dismount. Decent routine just missing a little swing. 5.7/13.500

Ivet Rojas (VEN) - high bar 1.5 pirouette to piked Jaeger; giant 1/1 to bail, toe giant, toe shoot to high (Weird technique), giant half to double front. The fans in the crowd are happy. She's limping a bit. [By weird technique - she does the step down toe-on technique but also kinda whips herself down.] 5.2/13.2 Best e-score so far which I think is actually accurate

Melba Avendano (COL) - shaposh, jaeger, hindorff; bail little foot form issues, shoot; giant 1/1, winds up, half in half out dismount. Decent routine. I feel like it just needs some connections to be competitive and cleaning up some foot form issues.

Alexa Moreno (MEX) - clear hip, shaposh 1/2; think she fell over on a handstand and is improvising. Goes to low bar and back up. Alexa does Deltchev then kinda catches the bar so she ends up in a German giant position?! Hops off. Double layout dismount. 4.6/11.025

Dovelis Torres (CUB) - shaposh; clear hip 1/2 doesn't make it over so hops off. bail, toe shoot to high; super flighty Tkatchev (a little crooked); giant 1/1; double pike (she grabbed her thighs) 5.0/11.475

Jessica Lopez (VEN) - piked tkatchev to pak; misses low bar handstand; shaposh immediate uprise 1/1 to straddled tkatchev to in bar gienger; giant 1/2 to jaeger; giant 1/2 double front with a few steps back. 6.1/14.100

Below are also some leotard pictures

Yamilet Pena (DOM)

Elsa Garcia (MEX)

UB Event Finalists

Melba Avendano (COL)