This Week in Training: Know No Limits

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Amelia Hundley
PC: USA Gymnastics

This week in training has a few more updates. The two biggest surprises for me are Amelia Hundley and Asuka Teramoto and their potential floor upgrades. It makes you wonder what skills all athletes train but may never show in competition.

Amelia Hundley is training a double double.

Molly Frack is training a Weiler kip. It's not usually a pretty skill but this one is. In my opinion, Ebee had one of the best Weiler's in WAG so it's no surprise a fellow Parkette is doing one so beautifully.
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Ellie Black and the men at her gym are working upgrades. Most impressively (or excitingly?), Black is working a Podkopayeva (double front half out). I'm most excited for her uneven bars because I think her old low bar connection is what keeps her out of the top 8 conversation. Now, she's working Shaposhnikovas which are basically law in this current code. The nice thing is that it adds D and also gets rid of her not having any low bar giant pirouettes.
2.5 through to double pike (1:08)
front handspring to Podkopayeva (2:05)
UB (8:10+)

Asuka Teramoto working a double layout on a soft landing

Erika Fasana is upgrading her UB combo. The connection of toe-on giant 1/1 to Maloney is new. (IG: erika_fasana)

Mai Murakami is also working a new connection of piked Jaeger to bail to handstand. (IG: gym_mai)

Taylor Lawson, the junior Parkettes gymnast who withdrew from US Nationals after a nasty landing and presumed concussion is back in the gym. Here she is working a double layout. (IG: tayalexis_1)

Wendy de Jong (NED) is training a van Leeuwen (toe on shaposhnikova with half turn). (IG: xwendyyy)

Sergio Sasaki (BRA) is training a piked Dragulescu (front handspring piked double front 1/2 out). These vaults always amaze me because of the sheer height you need to accomplish the double front then add on a 1/2 turn. They're insane to watch.
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Kenzo Shirai working whip to triple double (IG: kenzo_shirai)

Dominic Cunningham (GBR) has 2 new passes on floor including the coveted front double twist punch double front. IG: domcunn

This week in Bloopers we have John Orozco. It's not really a blooper, it's more just a funny taining moment. Orozco is working his air flare and USOTC teammate and roommate Donnell Whittenburg gets spooked.

Which upgrade surprises you the most?