Results: Elite Gym Massilia 2014

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Open Massilia Team Medalists
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Elite Gym Massilia is one of the post-Worlds competitions that usually attracts a good crowd of gymnasts from around the world. This year's competition featured Olympians Youna Dufournet and Maria Paseka along with multiple World Championship attendees and European medalists.

The Open Massilia competition was won by the 2nd Belgian team with a score of 159.033 closely followed by Canada's 158.767. In 3rd was the German team closely followed by the Swiss team who finished 4th. The all around competition in the Open meet, was won by Giada Grisetti of Switzerland. Rose-Kaying Woo of Canada was 2nd followed by Germany's Florine Harder. With an honorable mention, Eythora Thorsdottir has successfully returned from a back injury to compete all around in this meet which landed her in 4th place. European medalist Noel van Klaveren also competed in this division in the all around. This is her first major competition after taking some time off of gymnastics for family matters. She returned with 2 vaults and a strong floor with one of her best double layout mounts.

The most surprising matter of the competition was Belgium's team beating Canada. Canada sent their best juniors, all Rio hopefuls so it will be interesting to see where Belgium places for the 2015 World Championships which will determine which teams even have the opportunity to qualify a full team to Rio.

Open Massilia Team
1.Belgium 2159.033

Open Massilia All Around
1.Giada Grisetti (SUI)53.767
2.Rose-Kaying Woo (CAN)53.200
3.Florine Harder (GER)53.167

The Master Massilia competition took place on Saturday. The top 3 teams were Italy with a 162.067, Russia with a 161.900 and Belgium again with a 160.867. Italy and Russia both had mixed level teams. Italy's team consisted of Olympians Giorgia Campana and Carlotta Ferlito, World team member Lara Mori, and Sofia Bonistalli (who has one of Italy's few DTYs). Russia's team consisted of Maria Paseka, Daria Spiridonova who has won several competitions individually in the post-Worlds season, Polina Federova, Russia's alternate at this year's World Championship, and Liliya Akhaimova. Spiridonova won the all around followed by Giorgia Campana and Belgium's Nina Derwael. She is a junior that turns senior in 2016. She was the highest ranked junior of the competition and even came ahead of solid all arounder Carlotta Ferlito, who was 4th.

Master Massilia Team

Master Massilia All Around
1.Daria Spiridonova (RUS)54.167
2.Giorgia Campana (ITA)53.833
3.Nina Derwael (BEL '16)53.700

Derwael on UB 5.6/13.933

The final competition of the weekend was the Top Massilia which features the event finalists. The top 6 athletes were invited with the committee able of adding 2 additional athletes. (Junior vault rules were in effect)

1.Maria Paseka (RUS)14.550
2.Shallon Olsen (CAN '16)14.517
3.Noel van Klaveren (NED)14.483

Uneven Bars
1.Daria Spiridonova (RUS)14.633
2.Rose Kaying Woo (CAN '16)14.000
3.Giorgia Campana (ITA)13.467

Balance Beam
1.Claire Martin (FRA)13.933
2.Ayu Koike (JPN)13.433
3.Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) 13.133

Floor Exercise
1.Axelle Kinckaert (BEL '16)13.967
2.Olivia Cimpian (ROU)13.800
3.Lara Mori (ITA)13.700

Lara Mori FX Quals 5.3/-0.1/13.533

More videos can be found on piibunina's, MademeoiselleS13 Ginnastica Artistica Italiana's (ITA) YT accounts.
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