This Week in Training: Uneven and High Bar, Standing Full

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Iosra Abdelaziz ITA

Iosra Abdelaziz (senior 2015) was Italy's competitor at the Youth Olympic Games where she earned the silver medal in the uneven bar event finals. Since then, she has been back at home working on upgrades. She is now working a toe-on 1/2 low to high transition, or a Van Leeuwen, which you can watch here. The upgrade I find most impressive, however, is her double double dismount off the uneven bars (via her fan page).

World Champion Ashton Locklear of the USA has started training Ricna's (stalder straddled Tkatchev) again. She has such long legs that this skill looks really good on her. I'm curious if she'll start training any of the toe-on or piked Tkatchev variations as well. instagram ; GIF

Ragan Smith (senior 2016) is training a pike 1/1 on balance beam.

Laney Madsen is a former cheerleader that is now training artistic gymnastics at Gym Max, home of Kyla Ross and Felicia Hano. Here she is training a quad Y turn. She turns senior in 2017 but, as far as I know, she has not yet qualified to elite.

Christina Desiderio (senior in 2016) has spent the summer working a double double. You can watch that here. There's also video on her instagram of her playing around with a TTY into the pit.

Most recently, we received video of Simone Biles training a double layout full out. Like the double layout full in, this skill is valued as an H and has been previously competed before. I'm glad she ahs this skill, I'm just anxiously waiting for the double twisting double layout. Watch the DLOFO here. She also posted video of her working shaposh half (watch here). Simone had shoulder problems earlier in the year that kept her from upgrading bars, among other events. I'm excited to see what she has planned for 2015.

Sam Oldham (GBR) is working his way back from ankle surgery and is working the "arm" events. Here he is on high bar, just 10 weeks after his surgery, working Kovacs-Kolman (Tkatchev double back to full twisting Tkatchev double back). Watch on instagram here or below