Montage Monday: Favorite Worlds Montage (So Far)

7:01 PM Arabian Punch Front 0 Comments

I went a little crazy one day and watched like 6 montages in a row (or more, but we won't talk about that). My favorite one was this one by SuperGymtastics. I'm a sucker for a montage with some epic reactions, hugs, and #goworld feels. The montage starts off with some really pretty footage of some beautiful gymnastics skills from World Championships. Then, it switches to black and white and highlights a few unfortunate falls and wobbles. All a part of the sport as well. Then, it ends on a high note with the athletes running to hug other teammates and their coaches. The camaraderie was so prevalent at this Worlds and this montage highlights some of that perfectly.

You can watch the Sept/Oct 2014 Montage Playlist. Another good one is the Simone Biles - 17 Again. Enjoy!