This Week in Training

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Ana Lago
Photo Credit: Alberto Montalvo

Christina Desiderio of Parkettes in the USA is training a double twisting double tuck. She is a junior that will turn senior in 2016.

Ana Lago of Mexico is returning from ACL injury. On her instagram, you can see her training some beam series on the floor. She posted a video of her working a triple L turn on floor (below). There is also a video of her on UB with 2 Shaposh transitions here.

Wyomi Masela of the Netherlands is back from her Achilles injury! Here she is working a DTY into the foam pit. Masela earned the bronze medal at the 2012 Test Event earning a spot to the Olympics that was later given to Celine van Gerner.

Venezuela's Jessica Lopez in training a whip to 3 1/2 twist. I'm unable to embed but the link is here.

Rebeca Andrade (BRA) was seen training a Nabieva on uneven bras (toe on laid out Tkatchev). She turns senior next year.