The Old Ferlito Will Eventually Return

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Italian gymnast Carlotta Ferlito has been missing from the international team for quite some time. She had a calf injury earlier in the year but continued to miss out on meets, like the European Championships, due to ongoing medical issues. Italy has two meets coming up and Carlotta Ferlito's name continues to be thrown around as attending one minute and not attending the next. Ferlito is a star in Italy after the Ginnaste series on MTV has gained a lot of success and she has won MTV Italia Sports Hero awards for 2013 and 2014. Her attendance at a meet would undoubtedly increase audience numbers.

Ferlito revealed today, in a series of tweets, that she hopes to return to competition soon after dealing with multiple infections and anemia. World Championships is unlikely for this year but she hopes to return strong for the next season. Here is the translation. If you have any corrections, please let us know.

"That is why it may seem a stop as many what I did, but it was not! I was always sick, tired, exhausted, half training. I had dizziness and I thought the gym was not the sport for me. It was hard. Then when they found out the disease (after 2 months of the first tonsillitis -.- ), I have stopped abruptly, and for me it was really hard to stay at home without. You can not even go to the gym to do some enhancement. When I finally healed and I'm back in the gym, was even more difficult because the virus had weakened me so much and I did not have a muscle, I could not even do the abs. But I gritted my teeth and I said to myself that sooner or later I would have made a return to the levels of before. Today, I can not say I succeeded, but I can say we have very close, and believe me, there is no greater satisfaction than to put it in that place - who gave me up for dead! A big thank you that you have never stopped believing in me! I hope to return to racing soon."

Carlotta Ferlito attended the 2010 Youth Olympic Games where she placed 3rd in the all around and 2nd on balance beam. At the 2011 European Championships, Ferlito earned a silver medal on the balance beam and was a member of the 2012 Olympic Team. She attended the 2013 World Championships where she qualified to the balance beam final in 7th place. After an inquiry for the American Simone Biles moved Biles to 3rd place, Italians Ferrari and Ferlito were bumped out of the medals to 4th and 5th place, respectively. Upset with the lower placements, Ferlito made inappropriate racial remarks when being interviewed. She has since apologized for those comments. In 2014, Ferlito competed at the American Cup where she finished in 8th place.

You can follow Ferlito on twitter: @CarlottaFerlito