Youth Olympic Games VT/UB Event Finals

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Iosra Abdelaziz (ITA)


Oh, Wang Yan's going last so she's gonna win provided she doesn't fall

Sae Miyakawa (JPN)
VT1 DTY: Nice height and clean twisting form. Just 2 steps back to the side. 5.8/14.8
VT2 FHS layout 1/2: very pretty! Good height and very clean twisting form. Good landing. 5.4/14.333
Average 14.566

Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS)
VT1 DTY: She didn't seem to have that crazy knee bend on the block that she usually did but then had a little soft knees on the twist. Pikes down a little too early and takes a huge step back. 5.8/14.6
VT2 Y1/2 on, layout off: Ouch! She does a forward roll out of it. What more is there to say? 5.2/13.833
Average 13.816

Boglarka Devai (HUN)
VT1 FTY: Nice height. Pikes down a bit for landing and takes a big hop back. 5.0/13.733
VT2 Tsuk 1/1: Good! Just a small step! She looks like she's ready for Euros EF with that vault. Just a step to the side. Just on the line. 5.2/13.8
Average 13.766

Ellie Downie (GBR)
VT1 DTY: Huge DTY. Excellent height. But then a big step back. There's maybe a meter/yard of mat left behind her. 5.8/14.866
VT2 Y1/2 on, layout? 1/2 off: Hmm. She put up 5.6 but pretty sure that was pretty piked. We'll see. Otherwise it was good. Fully rotated on the block. 5.2/???
Average 14.566 - commentator said she broke the tie with Miyakawa and won it

Laura Jurca (ROU)
VT1 FTY: Decent FTY. The landing wasn't great - few hops in place and a step. 5.0/13.833.
VT2 DTY: DTY and I agree with the commentator. Her double is better than her full. She overrotates so turns right into saluting the judges. Her block isn't great (twists immediately after 5.8/14.666
Average 14.249

Sydney Townsend (CAN)
VT1 FTY: Decent but hop back. She is so scared of that DTY. I can't breathe... 5.0/13.6
VT2 DTY: Does a pretty good job! Hands a bit narrow on block. Her chest is low and she takes a hop forward to save it 5.8/13.9

Tutya Yilmaz (TUR)
VT1 FTY: Hmmm... She has one of those pikey twists and takes a hop back. 5.0/13.8
VT2 DTY: Boo. Falls on DTY. She twists fast but does not have the height she needs at all. Poor girl. 5.8/13.266
Average 13.533

Wang Yan (CHN)
VT1 Tsuk 2/1: Super amazing! Nice tight twist. Just the smallest step back on landing. 6.0/14.9
VT2 Rudi: The crowd is reacting to the 6.2 and made me nervous haha! Makes the Rudi around - chest is low and a few steps in all different directions. 6.2/14.666

FIG Tie Break rules - the first part in breaking a vult tie break, is looking at the higher of the 2 vaults. So Ellie wins with her 14.866 vs. Miyakawa's 14.800

Stephanie Hernandez (MEX) - She looked nervous after warmups. Jump to high, kch a little short. 1/1 little leg separation. Giant 1/2 little leg sep to Jaeger. Then kch pikes down to low bar. Misses a handstand and redoes it. shoot to high. some giants. a clear hip. Double pike dismount and overrotates so she falls. 4.9/10.433.

Laura Jurca (ROU) - Hindorff. Pak to low bar. Handstand 1/2 that's short.  Shoot to high bar. Clear hip 1/1 to Gienger that she misses - a little far but touches bar. Finishes routine with full twisting double back. 5.2/11.133

Wang Yan (CHN) - makes Weiler. Does 2? Switches to L-grip. Full turn to Jaeger. She's doing well. Nice double layout. And she's gonna win this again. 5.5/13.066 - e of 7.566 wow. These judges are no joke

Sae Miyakawa (JPN) - stalder 1/1 that's later, giant to pak, stalder 1/2 shoot to high, another stalder, 1/2 pirouette to nice piked jaeger. Giants to double layout. She let go too early but makes her double layout around. Hop forward, chest low. Up until that point, I would've said she could beat Wang Yan... 5.1/12.433. (Boo but her D is lower so fine)

Antonia Alicke (GER) - Weiler half to shap, little leg sep, toe on full, toe on giant, toe on shoot to high,  Gienger with leg separation and flexed feet. Toe on 1/2. Double twist dismount. Pretty dang good! She has some feet things to fix - little leg seps and flexed feet. But if she fixes that, she'll be super competitive with Germany's current bar workers in my opinion (as she increases her D-score). 5.6/12.633

Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS) - toe-on shap to pak, toe on giants, toe-on shap half, toe on giant, toe on giant full, Tkatchev, L-grip to double front hop forward. Girlfriend is bringing it after her mistake on vault. 5.6/13.575

Iosra Abdelaziz (ITA) - toe on giant, toe on giant full to shap, uprise stalder to Tkatchev to bail to shoot to high. A little dead hang and has to muscle up, and misses handstand. Stuck on endo 1/2 a bit. Back in full out. Big error was the endo I'd say. 5.4/13.666

Ava Verdeflor (PHI) - clear circle to handstand, full pirouette, giant 1/2 to Jaeger, bail shoot to high, hitting handstands cold. Double pike with a hop. She should get a good E-score. 4.9/12.333 - She just asked for her Mom haha