Romanian National Team Training in Sweden

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Diana Bulimar, Larisa Iordache, and Jonna Adlerteg via Larisa Iordache facebook

The Romanian National Team has recently returned from a training camp in Sweden. This short news clip was posted to the Swedish National Team youtube account. There are some gems in there, most notably being Diana Bulimar.

1. Didi speaks more English (she did this after Doha as well). According to tumblr user nadia-comaneci, she learned English by watching American TV shows.
2. Didi and Lari have a moment where Lari’s late for the lineup and then they burst out laughing
3. Near the end, Emma Larsson is laughing because the reporter asks her if she's spoken to the girls which she had not. "No but we train the same time as them so you can see what it takes."
4. Didi, ever the diplomat, says she wants to be healthy for worlds, be a team with her girls, and make Romania proud.
5. Larisa Iordache is seen training a 1.5 through but does not show the connection move.

I had this in my drafts since July and I guess I never clicked publish, my mistake. Since then, Diana Bulimar has suffered a leg injury and will be out for Worlds. We wish her a speedy recovery!