German Championships 2014

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Kim Bui 
Photo Credit via DTB

The German Artistic Gymnastics Championships were held last weekend. German star Elisabeth Seitz withdrew earlier in the week announcing that a foot injury will keep her out of competition for some time, including Worlds. Fellow Olympian Janine Berger suffered an ACL tear during the vault event finals after attempting her Tsukahara double twist. We wish her a healthy and speedy recovery!

At 25 years old, Kim Bui continues to be a standout in German gymnastics. She won the AA title handily with a 56.550. She also won the floor title with a new routine. It's hard to hear the music on this video but most impressively, she continues to upgrade! Her floor routine has a double layout and a whip into double tuck that makes me think that there's more she's hiding.

I've taken a particular interest in German uneven bar routines because a lot is going on. Eli Seitz had been the reigning German bar Queen with Kim Bui knocking on the door. In recent years, Sophie Scheder and Lisa Katherina Hill have surpassed them taking the new 1-2 ranking in 2013. We've seen Scheder internationally at the American Cup and at the 2013 European Championships where she placed 4th on uneven bars. We have not seen much of Hill in international competition as she has been named alternate multiple times but strong and steady wins the race! Hill was crowned Uneven Bar champion with a 14.600/6.5 D-score. With Worlds being a team competition with 6 spots, she should be able to earn this spot for her uneven bar work in addition to being a strong all arounder for Germany.

Honorable mention goes out to all around silver medalist Pauline Schafer who has a pretty nice floor routine. Her second pass is a front layout connected to double front that was landed beautifully. She also does a very impressive triple turn and may be working on a quad.

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  1. Thanks for the great report on the German team! Also I appreciate the accolades you give to Bui, she has been the workhorse of the German team for a long time now and her highly executed and consistent (but underrated) routines were a large part of the success the German team had at Euros this year,