June Montage: What About Angels?

11:05 PM Arabian Punch Front 1 Comments

I'm bummed because I'm 90% sure the other video I wanted to share is now private. Sad times. Either way, here's this beautiful montage showcasing The Emotional Part of gymnastics. For every winner, there is someone who falls short of first place. I thought the part with McKayla Maroney was particularly memorable because almost as quickly as you can think of her falling on VT in event finals, you think of her stuck vault in team finals. As heart breaking as Maroney's fall was, Sandra Izbasa was ecstatic to win gold. But, then Janine Berger walks by, tears in her eyes after just missing out on a medal. It's a crazy, emotional, but wonderful sport we love.

Or watch here with link to playlist. There's also a montage of Russian Men at European Championships and a Vanessa Ferrari montage!

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