June Montage: This Is Your Heart

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Becky Downie
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2014 European Gymnastics Championships
This is your heart. It's alive. It's pumping blood.
Great recap of the senior competition. My favorite part is the ending for two reasons. First off, there are comparison parts of different release moves and dismounts on even bars, and different passes on floor exercise. Secondly, the reactions at the end like Becky Downie finding out she won and the Russian federation congratulating their medalists. I also love when there choreography matches the music which is also a part of this montage.
Watch here or below:

Team Great Britain || Divenire
The music used is the one from the Thank You Mom P&G commercial during the Olympics. This montage features both the British juniors and seniors and highlights their success at the recent European Championships. It's nice to see both the improvements in difficulty score and the attention to execution and detail. The future is looking bright for Team GB.
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The third video is Anna Pavlova. There's a lot of editing in this one, some I like, some I don't but it's a great recap of Pavlova's career since changing nationalities to Azerbijan. Watch here.

Artistic Gymnastics European Championships 2014. A fourth video was just added to the playlist made by professionals for the UEG, the organizing body of European gymnastics. I'm not one for montages with photos but this one has cool perspective photos and attaches the shots together to look like stop motion gymnastics. It features WAG and MAG, including some epic tattoo shots.Watch here.

Which montage was your favorite?

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