Upgrades for 2014: Beam and Floor

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Part 2 of the 2014 Upgrades continued! Check out Part 1: Vault and Uneven Bars here

Balance beam is hard to predict upgrades when it will likely be a matter of combinations to increase connection bonuses. Floor was more exciting!

Double double dismount
Simone Biles - of all of Simone's upgrades, this is the one I most want to see! At Nationals, I had that view of the beam and thought "Who is doing a double double off beam?!" It seems possible and I'd love to see it! More than the triple double on floor and more than the triple twisting Yurchenko.

Top by gif mustafeener; Bottom gif by julia-lipnitskaia

Double turn on beam
GIF by shutupmckaylasvaulting

Patterson/arabian double front dismount
Video just became available today of Ellie Downie doing a Patterson dismount (link). Mykayla Skinner is also training one. Could Aliya Mustafina potentially do this upgrade?

Laidout Double Double
Simone Biles - the tucked double double seems too easy for her and she always hops out of it. If you look at where she finishes twisting and flipping, she's at least two feet off the ground!

gif made by fantasticsgymnastics

Elizabeth Price - Ebee's first salto in her tucked double double was always a bit laid out. She also has good air time and has been sticking it lately. I'd like to see the laidout double double but she is working a full twisting double layout. Maybe I'll have to wait...

Tucked Triple Double
Simone Biles - Biles has been playing around with this and about 10 other passes on floor (including tucked and piked double arabians). She has so much on her plate that I'm not sure if she and Coach Aimee actually want to add that for this year or if they were just training it for fun... We shall see!
Mykayla Skinner - Skinner said in an interview I did with her that she wants to compete this. The last we saw was 2 months ago where she was landing it on a mat that might be over the foam pit.

Full Twisting Double Layout
Roxana Popa - the double layout looks to easy and she just showed after the American Cup that she is working a full twisting double layout! It's a little piked right now but I'm sure it will improve with time.

gif by hope-strongerthanfear

Elizabeth Price is also training one. Hers is also piked which makes me think the laidout double double may not happen this year. Le sigh.
Diana Bulimar/Ksenia Afansyeva - I have no idea where they stand in regards to training but both have had rumored full twisting double layouts that have never manifested themselves in competition. Hopefully, they recover well from their injuries and we get to see them both on floor again soon!

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