All the Montages!

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Montage Monday has taken a little hiatus while school has gotten incredibly insane. Every now and then I wonder where all the gym montages are and then I remember they're hiding in a little playlist on youtube. Sorry all you video editors aren't getting the credit, views, and likes that you deserve! Alas, another month or so of this and then I may have time again...

1. First off, I found a playlist of Russia - "Team Russia Forever." If you're newer to the gymternet, you might not have seen any of these. Some of them have floated around at different points throughout the year. Most are great so I recommend it. Watch here.
*I found it on tumblr but can't remember where. If it's yours, let me know and I'll add the link!

2. February Montage Monday never had a post made and I apologize. There were some great montages and quite a few international - one each of Canadians Sydney Townsend and Talia Chiarelli and two of the French, one of which is MAG. Kyla Ross has become the new "it" girl as far as montages of World competitors goes and Bailie Key is representing the juniors. SuperGymmie made two great montages at the end of the playlist - one of Samantha Pezcek including both her elite and NCAA career and the other of Vanessa Ferrari.

3. March Montage Monday has started as well! Hopefully, I can go back to posting in April.