Simone Biles Upgrades for 2014

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The January USA camp videos are starting to be released. The first is from reigning World Champion Simone Biles.

VT: Cheng 6.4 D
This is an upgrade from her Lopez vault which was valued at a 5.6.

UB: Khorkina - E value (free hip Shaposhnikova 1/2)

BB: back handspring - layout stepout - layout stepout; side aerial - straddle jump

FX: 2 1/2 - front full - straddle jump.
Her dismount is a piked full in, according to Scott Bregman, which is an E. A possible upgrade to a full twisting DLO which is an H-value seems entirely possible. Her opening passes are still the double double and double layout half out, named after Biles. However, she is training a triple twisting double tuck which would probably replace the current double double.