NCAA Gymnastics and Social Media

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Social media has become very important to the world of gymnastics, particularly in the NCAA. Schools are now able to live tweet meets that aren't available to watch live. The fans are able to enjoy videos that let them know a team better or learn what skills they're working on competing this season. We've also had the pleasure of enjoying meet recaps and interviews all within a few days of the meet. Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube have helped gymnastics fans stay in the know with their favorite teams. Here are a few examples

Danusia Francis sideways side aerial to back layout full.

Leotard reveal featuring senior gymnasts. I thought this was really well done and even though we've seen plenty of these leotard styles before, the color placement was perfect! I also believe this was a great way of recognizing and honoring the seniors.

Stanford did a meet the team feature on Youtube that proved itself to be pretty funny.

Before their recent meet, they posted a clip of their athletes warming up floor.

LSU has done a great job posting post-meet interviews and recaps of their meets. They have two youtube accounts: LSUGymnastics (official) and LSU Gymnastics

Oregon State University
Not all Pac-12 meets are free this season and with the help of Snappy TV, OSU was able to make gifs immediately available of the OSU at UCLA meet last weekend.

Thank you to all the teams that use social media to keep us gymnastics fans involved!

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