Montage Monday: January 2014

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I won't be able to do the usual Montage Monday since I'll be busier these next 2 months. Like I've done in the past, here's a playlist of my favorite montages. I'll add to it as the month continues.

January 2014 Montage Monday

1. Montage of Gymnastike BTR footage to Lorde's Glory and Gore. This is basically great advertisement for Beyond the Routine since we get an idea of the training clips that are available. I know we always wonder what Kyla is like in training and apparently she cried :O 2:38.
3. Montage of 2013 FX EF to Jai Ho (from Slumdog Millionaire)! I love the beginning where Vanessa Ferrari's choreo perfectly matches the music and, overall, great effort was made to have choreography match the new music.