#goWORLD 2014

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What's a better way for Arabian Punch Front to start 2014 than with some #goWORLD and a montage? I can't think of anything either!

2013 proved to be rather interesting in a non-Olympic year. The Big 4 remained - USA, Russia, Romania, and China. Romania seems to be struggling with their seniors but showed a crop of juniors to get excited about. China had a changing of the guards after a floor of retirements which gave us some fresh faces to admire. Russia also had some troubles but how could it be gymnastics without some Russian drama? (I'm looking at you Valentina Rodionenko!) The USA is starting to have some nice internal battles going - all around AND vault crown.

That's just the Big 4! We continued to see Canadian dominance after their 5th place finish at the 2012 Olympics - Victoria Moors had the laid out double double named after her and Ellie Black made event finals on floor exercise at Worlds. Britain's Espoirs continued to impress and they have seniors that kept catching our eye throughout the year - Gabby Jupp, Ruby Harrold, and Claudia Fragapane just to name a few.

That's not to say 2013 was peachy keen. We had the introduction of the flamingo stand on floor exercise. We added more life threatening vaults to the list. An athlete on the World Championship team was removed just days prior to competing. Our injury list is enormous and we had remarks made by a gymnast and her federation that left a bitter taste in our mouths.

Despite all that, we're here and we continue to be. We are fans of gymnastics - the fiercest and most passionate fans in the world. Here's to an amazing 2014!

Note: My next 2 rotations for school (so the next 2-4 months) are gonna be tough in terms of time. I've been drafting a few blog posts and also have a few interviews lined up so the blog will still be running. I won't have the time to do Montage Monday weekly so I'll just do the playlists and post them near the end of the month. If you're interested in contributing, email me arabianpunchfront[@]gmail[.]com. Thanks!