GAGE Girls Compete in Paradise

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Sarah Finnegan was one of the alternates for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team. Since then, she has undergone shoulder surgery that kept her out of competition for the entire 2013 season. Although she said she would return, the long wait left many fans questioning if this would indeed happen. This past weekend, Sarah Finnegan, Madison Desch, and Brenna Dowell competed at a meet in Hawaii. @idkmybffrose was kind enough to take video and upload it to youtube.

Sarah's beam looks very impressive. She has kept her triple wolf turn and her triple series - back handspring - back handspring - layout to 2 feet. Of note, she has a switch split to switch half to back tuck. It also looks like she's working a split leap to side aerial to split jump to sissone to side aerial.

Sarah also competes her new floor routine albeit with no tumbling.

There are also videos of Brenna Dowell. Here she is with a nice high (and potentially stuck) double twisting Yurchenko.

Brenna has changed her UB combo to Tweddle (Tkatchev 1/2) to Ezhova!

Check out idk mybffrose for more videos!

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  1. A lot of people think that this is an off year for the U.S in terms of new seniors, but I prefer it that way because it allows the gymnasts who showed potential in 2013 to improve without the added pressure of too many new girls, and to also make a point to Martha that they can get better. Also, 2013 gave the U.S. plenty of new faces so it looks like we'll finally be seeing a quad where the girls last more than one year instead of having a meteoric rise then burning out or being overtaken by too much talent/depth. Overall, World's showed that the U.S. doesn't need more than 3 people to dominate (lol) but in addition to those girls we have a more confident Brenna who has smartly changed her bars routine ans will upgarde further on all events, we have returning vets like Raisman, Weiber, Finnegan, and Price, and then we have the "lovelies" such as Desch, Hundley, Millet and Ernst who can pose threats to the more accomplished girls if they improve difficulty and consistency.

    I think this is the perfect year to figure out who are the good girls and who are the unreliable ones, and have everyone work on execution, because come'll be all about upping d-scores, ya know?