This Week in Training

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Social media can actually be quite lovely. This week we got an update from two gymnasts who are working on new skills.

Mykayla Skinner is working on her triple double - three twists two flips! In the interview I did with her last month, she informed me that this isn't a skill she's just playing around with (Sights Set on 2016). She hopes to add this to her routine.

India McPeak is an NCAA hopeful from Ireland. She's consistently been at the top for Ireland gymnastics and was selected to attend the World Championships. Here she is working a full twisting back tuck on beam.

On a funny note, I found this post on vine. I've never had a tweet shared so many times so many gymnasts must share this frustration. (The audio is off so check that your phone audio is on or click the volume button in the upper left corner of the video on your computer. Link)

I still laugh when I watch it.