Montages of 2013: Requests and Most Improved

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Made By Me

I made 2 requests for montages throughout the whole year and the montages that were made were perfect, so thank you!!

Aliya and Nabs || Let me be your Ruler
I'm pretty sure I tagged SG in this request because Royals by Lorde seemed like the kind of song she would like - sultry but something about that song makes you feel invincible. It was in the lead up to Worlds when I first fell in love with the song and thought that Aliya Mustafina and Tatiana Nabieva would be the perfect two athletes to be featured. They're a dynamic duo that really couldn't care less what you're up to or what you think of them. Unfortunately, Nabs was injured so we didn't get as much footage to make a post Worlds montage.

The Fierce Five - MADE IN AMERICA
The song is by a group called Cimorelli. They're 6 sisters that started singing covers on youtube and recording videos against a wall in their house. They've moved on now to a full record contract, VEVO and all, and original songs. This is one of their songs and I thought it would be perfect for some sort of Team USA montage. EmmsDream was able to make it into a video for the Fierce Five and it's perfect. All of this was made using iMovie which I find really impressive (had no idea you could do the letter overlay in iMovie).

Most Improved
So, it's been exactly a year and one day since fiercemontagesbykel/@fiercemontages made her first montage. I liked the music selection and thought it went well with most of the clips chosen for the montage. On the other hand, I felt like all the clips were just too long and that ruined the flow a bit. Then there were suddenly pictures and then random slow motion... But everyone has to start somewhere, right?

The Fierce Five:Long Live the Olympic Journey

Then, literally this has been my reaction to her last three montages.

This montage is from 3 months ago and I think it was a major turning point. The song selection was superb, the clips chosen were excellent, the editing skills were magnificent and there was also more emotion with the montage - the highs of Aliya's performance and the low of Viktoria's. There are clips of Aliya's 2011 ACL tear mixed with some errors from the Olympics but then immediately followed by her uneven bar win. Then for Vika, there are clips of both her all around floor exercises, her reaction to her good routines, but then her heartbreaking reactions (yes, plural) to 2nd place. Whether you believe she "wuzrobbed" or not, Kel did a great job making you feel a little heartbroken for Vika as well.

Aliya Mustafina and Viktoria Komova: Look How They Shine from FiercemontagesbyKel on Vimeo.

Make sure to check out her channel and watch her 2 most recent montages regarding Worlds and featuring Team USA. Great job, fiercemontagesbykel and can't wait to see what you come up with in the future!

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