Montages of 2013: Meet Recap

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Looking back on 2013 and the montages, I think it's appropriate that we do a recap of the meets. We started off with the American Cup with Katelyn Ohashi, Simone Biles, Victoria Moors finishing 1-2-3 respectively. Then, we went on to the Individual European Championships where the Mustafina vs Iordache rivalry escalated and Roxana Popa and Giulia Steingruber began to steal our hearts. Florida won the NCAA championships in April and we were lucky to have great live footage of the EYOF and Universiade. Then, the US elite season started to pick up and selections were made for World Championships. Quite a year! SuperGymmie made a recap of the entire year including other meets like Massilia and British Espoir Championships.

American Cup Gymnastics 2013-Alive

2013 Euros AA Montage - I Still Have a Soul
For those of you that loved the Beauty of Gymnastics montage, this is a montage for you. Lots of the slow motion clips from the European Championships are used here and as the music picks up, so does the intensity of the gymnastics that we watch.

Florida Gators Gymnastics - War of Inches
Chris Saccullo made a great edit to Al Pacino's Inch by Inch speech from the movie Any Given Sunday. Full quote can be found here. Coach Rhonda Faehn and the Gator gymnasts loved the montage so much, they played it at their banquet.

"You find out that life is just a game of inches. Because in the game of life, the margin for error is so small.

European Youth Olympic Festival | Apparatus Finals Men & Women
We saw the showdown of the future stars of Romania vs. Russia but we also got a preview of what Great Britain will bring to the table, not only in WAG but also in MAG. Sports2Visuals, the same group that produces The Hard Way to Success documentaries, was there with some high definition footage and some great montages too.

Universiade 2013 Gymnastics~Black Light
The Games were held in Kazan, Russia and the Russians came with their college eligible A-team. We saw a great return for Anna Dementyeva and Tatiana Nabieva, we saw Afansyeva join the ranks of 2-vaulters, we saw the return of North Korea after a 2-year ban and we saw one of the most exciting vault finals and one that gives us a preview for Worlds 2013.

Wake Me Up. Juniors. 2013 Secret Classic.
Classics is the first meet of the year for most US elites. One thing I noticed, and many agreed with, is that the juniors seem to be much more fluid when compared to the seniors. There is a lot of sass and high quality performance in the floor routines, much better execution on beam, and greater control and rhythm on uneven bars. Simply put, if there was a junior Worlds, the senior and junior team would look like vastly different competitors. Here's a great montage of just the juniors.

2013 World Championships Antwerp - Do Or Die
by dominiquemoceanufan
This is a lovely recap of Worlds and a feel good montage. My favorite part is the segment at 3:10 to the end with lots of smiles and hugs. Nothing like watching a coach and gymnast breathe that sigh of relief together.
"Fate is coming, that I know... I will never forget the moment."

2013 Gymnastics || A look back

Montages of 2013