Montages of 2013: Effects

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To kick off this year's montage review, I wanted to look at a few of my favorite effects that we saw in montages.

Team Italia. Cherry Waves by CSaccullo
Effect: Apparatus Overlay
Think this is one of the first videos where Chris started to overlay gymnasts on the same apparatus. How appropriate that it was beam for Team Italy. Many of us have waited for Carlotta Ferlito to make a major beam event finals since she turned senior, especially after medaling at European Championships. That finally became a reality where she was joined by teammate Vanessa Ferrari at the past World Championship beam finals. Italy isn't a team that typically gets much montage attention so it was nice to see an Olympic montage of these athletes.

We Got the Fire
by AshleyakaFlipper/@ashley_flipper
Effect: Slow Motion
I'm a little biased towards this montage because it includes a song by Ellie Goulding. The video features television footage of US Nationals and slow motion was used to highlight the different skills that the gymnasts were performing. There were contrasts of regular speed with portions of the same clip that were slowed down or sped up. It reminded me of the Doha footage which is some of my favorite footage for that exact reason. There were also some epic faces that were highlighted - one being Mykayla Skinner after she successfully landed her Cheng and Maggie Nichols at the start of her routine.

Katelyn Ohashi - Shine
Effects: Slow Motion in Perspective
I feel like we got stuck for a while in seeing skills highlighted as black and white. I like what DakotaLaand did here by highlighting the skill by finding video from a different angle and slowing it down. It made it pop that much more. You see it with her beam skills - the arabian and leap, along with the layout full later on in the montage.

McKayla Maroney || Night
Effect: Unknown
SG tried some new editing skills at the beginning of the montage and it turned out great! I'm not sure what to call it - there's some split screen but also a gradual fade to black and white...

Any great montage effects that you enjoyed? Which was your favorite of the one's above?