Montage Monday: The Underdogs

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I'm excited for this week's Montage Monday! It doesn't feature any of the US gymnasts nor does it feature gymnast of the moment Aliya Mustafina. Shocked? I was at first too but these gymnasts deserve the spotlight too.

Giulia Steingruber || How Am I Supposed to Die?

Victoria Moors || Shattered
Moors saw this and shared it. The video shows her journey from her senior debut to the naming of the laid out double double.

Yao Jinnan - What is wrong?

Aly Raisman
This was inspired by a montage by SuperGymmie after the 2012 Olympics (here).

Late addition! A Maggie Nichols montage I found because it was #maggiemonday. Maggie Nichols 2013 "We Own the Night"

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  1. Now if only Moors' double-double was actually looks like a combination of layout, pike, and tuck to me...