Montage Monday: The Montage That Mattered

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Keystone for

I've been sharing montages since the start of this blog and can never get a feel of whether or not people actually enjoy it as much as I do. I love how a 3 minute video can capture the emotion of an athlete, the triumphs and downfalls of a meet, and the beauty that is gymnastics. Maybe I'm alone in this passion. Maybe not. But something exciting happened for one video editor.

Mustafinauniverse made a montage called "Giulia Steingruber - Champion." I was just searching through youtube for montages and started with Steingruber. I decided to click on this montage even though I already shared it after European Championships because all I saw was "Edit: I'm kind of freaking out..."

Edit: I'm kind of freaking out right now...

Giulia has seen this montage! I kik'd it to her and she saw it :)

Edit: Giulia kik'd me again asking for the name of the music
and now this song is her floor music...

Song: Love and Loss - Two Steps From Hell

Wow! What are the chances?! It's one thing for an athlete to share the montage, it's another for them to decide to use the audio for their floor music. Great work, mustafinauniverse!

Here it is again in case you missed it in an earlier Montage Monday.

Victoria Moors- Counting Stars
Anna Burns/@AnnaBurnsy
It's a fast moving montage highlighting Tori's skills - if you can't handle vines, don't watch it. The biggest one, obviously, is her double double - a tucked one that she's most likely to stick and an impressive laid out version as well. I like the segment between 2:00 and 2:30 that had Moors' choreo and went along to the music by One Republic.

Aliya Mustafina || Watch me while I Bleed
This is another Aliya montage but has some cool effects and really highlights her highs and lows since the Olympics.

Larisa Iordache - The Diva
I was actually looking for Larisa's floor exercise when I came upon this montage and this account. It's a lovely montage showing all of Larisa's performances from the 2013 World Championships, the highs and the lows. "Don't you worry, don't you worry child. See heaven's got a plan for you!"

Make sure to check out gymfan265's channel. There's an Aliya Montage to Drive By by Train (What?! That's exactly what I was thinking!) and a pretty Kyla Ross montage!

There's another Larisa Iordache montage by ILoope08, Now Here I Stand. The footage gets a little choppy but it's another youtube account to follow for montages.