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I'm excited to do my first book review to an excellent novel entitled Letters to Nowhere by Julia Cross. It's about the life of an elite gymnast, Karen, who recently lost both her parents at only 17-years old. Her coach invites her to live with him and his son as she learns to deal with grief and coming of age in elite gymnastics.

The book is amazing and is perfect for gymnastics fan. It has a heart-wrenching plot dealing with the struggle that comes with losing a loved one at such a young age but also has a strong gymnastics back story to keep us gym fans engaged and involved. Julie Cross was a gymnast herself and coached gymnastics as well. This is reflected in the way that a Yurchenko vault is so perfectly explained and how you can feel the air leave your own lungs as you read how Karen falls on her Jaeger.

Even though the plot is a heavy topic, the book is an enjoyable read and reminds you of the excitement and terror that comes with young love. Parts of the book are so intimate and personal that you can't help but get a little invested in Karen's life, especially when some of the pages seem to reflect the pages of your own diary. Cross's writing has you going from laughing to crying in just a matter of pages because of the relationship you build with the characters.

I strongly recommend this book, especially for gymnastics fans that have been looking for a book that fits into "our" realm. There's a Martha Karolyi equivalent in the book. There's the older gymnast that reminds you of Alicia Sacramone (who Cross imagines would be played by Mattie Larson should there be a movie, I fully support this), the best friend dealing with a growth spurt, and the junior wonder child. There's also talk of college gymnastics versus competing through the next elite season. It makes you wonder if these are the conversations that athletes like Amanda Jetter or Jordyn Wieber had with their parents.

In the acknowledgements, Cross says, "Thanks to the gymnastics community for being some of the most passionate and dedicated people in the entire world." Get the book! You won't regret it.

There is already a sequel, Return to Sender, and a third book is being written, Letters to You.

Buy Letters to Nowhere on Amazon - there is both an ebook version and paperback version. There is currently a giveaway on Check if it's available in your country.
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