World Championships 2013: Sit Back and Relax Edition

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Here are some of my favorite videos from the World Championships 2013 help in Antwerp, Belgium this past week.

Cintia Rodriguez - she came highly recommended by Rick at If you're one who gets angry at every floor finalist who isn't trained in ballet, this is for you. If you want to be amazed by good toe point and body position and carriage, this is for you. I love routines that make me forget about the tumbling and this is one of them.

Karla Amaranta Torres - after injury kept Alexa Moreno out of Worlds and coaching drama kept ladies like Elsa Garcia out, Karla Torres came to save the day. Blythe said that she is what we've come to expect from Mexico - it may not be the most difficult but it is beautiful and enjoyable to watch. Here she is on beam. Her construction isn't difficult but you can start to appreciate her lines.

Evangelia Plyta - is the other Greek gymnast that went to Worlds. Like most of you, I didn't know much about here. Here she is on UB where she has some form errors but also seems to have a decent amount of difficulty (5.6D/11.466). Maybe with a few challenge cups, etc. under her belt, she'll be ready for next years worlds.

Ruby Harrold - Well, maybe you can't just sit back and relax since this routine makes you want to hold your breath the entire time. Harrold did well enough that this earned her a spot in the finals. Her routine is so unique for it's high to low transitions. She does both a Bhardwaj, a full twisting pak salto named after American gymnast Mohini Bhardwaj, and a Zuchold transition, named after East German gymnast Erika Zuchold. They are valued at E and D respectively. UB EF 6.3/14.333

Vasiliki Millousi - this is another one that you can just sit back and watch. Millousi is 27 and was happy to make it to the Worlds AA final. I was happy because everyone knows her as an elegant beam worker but Millousi is a decent AA gymnast with unique skills on most apparatus! This is another routine that makes you forget about the tumbling. Just sit back and enjoy!

Giulia Steingruber - a strong vaulter turned strong all arounder turned floor finalist. Steingruber turned in her big Carmen floor routine for a different routine now with excellent choreography. And just watch the height she gets on her leaps!

Yao Jinnan - brought out her Mo salto for the all around final and all those in the arena and all those following closely online let out a collective gasp in exclamation. She really did it! The Mo salto, named after Mo Huilan, is valued at a G and hasn't been performed since 1997.

Victoria Moors - finally got it together and hit the laid out double double in the all around final to have it named after her. The skill is valued at an I, the highest in the Code of Points worth 0.9 points. I wasn't a fan of "the Moors" not only because of Mykayla Skinner but for two reasons. I missed Moors' stuck double double tuck and I'm a little mad that her bars dismount is considered laid out. I didn't want her to have another skill named after her with what looked like pretty bad body positioning. This one can pass, I guess. Either way, I forgot how much I loved this routine. Glad it was resurrected. FX AA EF 6.2/14.333 (this was the 3rd highest floor score of the all around final)

Larisa Iordache - I didn't realize how much I loved her floor exercise until the floor final. I find the routine more enjoyable than even Izbasa's. I've missed Iordache's routine from European Championships 2013 but I think this routine surpasses it. Her floor routine is probably my favorite routine from the entire World Championships.

Vanessa Ferrari - I've developed quite the love and respect for Ferrari. She finally won another Worlds medal since winning the all around championships in 2006. After losing the tie break to Mustafina fo floor bronze at the Olympics, Ferrari flirted with retirement. She came back but didn't really make a splash at Euros due to injury. She recovered enough, clearly, to kick butt at Worlds on both beam and floor exercise. Ferrari finished in 4th on beam but did well enough on floor to get the silver medal.

You can find RESULTS for the 2013 World Championships here.

What do you think of these routines? What were your favorite routines from Worlds?

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  1. Ooo, it's nice to see videos from quals that I haven't seen posted anywhere, thanks. Torres was very impressive at Pan Ams.

    Favourite floors- Mai Murakami and Simone Biles. They both truly sparkled and lit up the arena, as well as impressive tumbling.

    Favourite vaults- Biles 1+2, Maroney amanar, Makra,

    Favourite bars- Yao AA, Harrold AA, Popa AA

    Favourite beam- Kaeslin AA, Makra AA, Rodionova AA