Montage Monday: Worlds and... Aly Raisman

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A quick Montage Monday. I'm sure more montages will come with time and I can't wait to watch them.

Aliya Mustafina - The Queen
Lovely montage of Aliya Mustafina with a techno beat. What surprised me the most with this montage is the realization of just how much Aliya Mustafina upgraded since the Olympics despite injury, illness, and Valentina Rodionenko.

The American Dream - 2013 Artistic Worlds
The FIG has put together a number of amazing montages to get us excited for event finals but also as recaps of the events that took place. This montage covers the top 8 in the Women's All Around Final with clips of everyone's performance. The shot of Simone's family at the end gave me chills. There are tons of videos on the FIGchannel so make sure to go check it out - both montages and footage from World Championships.

Aly Raisman//Fire and Rain
BravoExpressions made this montage of Aly Raisman. The timing is off but it's a nice montage of Aly through the years. Considering it was Worlds where Aly continued to earn her title as the Rock Raisman (mainly in team competition), maybe the timing is appropriate. Fun fact: If you listen to the event final footage, it is likely Aly Raisman that you hear cheering on the American men and women all the way across the arena.

Which was your favorite montage?