Montage Monday: Maroney & Mustafina

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We're a little bit further from Worlds and now the montages are coming out. Hope you enjoy this week's Montage Monday!

WAG ANTWERP 2013- Combat
Anna Burns/@AnnaBurnsy
Stunning montage with high quality footage of all the women's event finals. It's a nice montage to appreciate the beauty that is gymnastics and the routines we got to enjoy at Antwerp 2013.

Aliya Mustafina || Radium
SG made 2 lovely montages since Worlds. This Aliya montage is a commentary montage and is beautiful. Everything was combined so perfectly; it's like poetry.

Mckayla Maroney - DREAMER - Career montage 2011 - 2013
aly raisman/@xfrancesw
A fun montage highlighting Maroney's career form 2011 US Nationals to 2013 World Championships. She sure has come a long way!

Aliya Mustafina - Cherry Waves
A great edit by Chris. My favorite part is the Aliya vs. Aliya on balance beam - the header image for this post.

McKayla Maroney || Night by SuperGymmie/@SuperGymmie - SG tried some new editing skills at the beginning of the montage and it turned out great!

Mckayla Maroney Worlds 2013 by gymnast4lyfe/@maroney_allin - Nice montage of Maroney at Worlds including all of her performances from AA qualification to VT gold. My favorite part is that short moment from 0:50-58 when she's on the podium and you can tell she's proud of her comeback and glad to hear her National Anthem.

Aliya Mustafina - DREAM (worlds 2013) by aly raisman/@xfrancesw - a lovely montage of Aliya with a powerful piece of music.