Osijek Grand Prix Day 2

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On Day 2, we have the 2nd half of event finals. The men will be competing on vault, parallel bars, and high bar. 2012 High Bar Olympic Champion will be competing on high bar. The women will be competing on balance beam and floor exercise with beam seeming like it will be the most competitive. Jessica Lopez of Venezuela and Sanne Wevers of the Netherlands were tied coming into these finals. Vasiliki Millousi was in 3rd with a 6.0 D-score. There have been rumblings of her capable of a routine with a 6.4 difficulty value. All 3 of these ladies boast high d-scores and have high hopes of making the event finals come World Championships. Of note, Russian, Polina Fedorova qualified in 4th. It will be interesting to see how she finishes as Russia's team seems to be in need of a beamer. Should she hit, could she possible take that 4th spot from Rodionova?

You can find results from qualifications here

They changed the order around, starting with HB. Ladies are finishing with BB.

Men's HB
[Just a note for me. Kovacs - double back; Kolman - tucked 1/1; Cassina - laid out 1/1]
N. Cordoba - Markelov and then my feed started buffering... Tkatchev, endo, endo 1/1, dismounts with FTDLO big hop forward. Replay is showing me a laid out Tkatchev and Tkatchev 1/2. 6.1/14.65

M. Konecny - stoop out 1/2 to Tkatchev 1/2 and he missed the catch and like slid off... off the bar, off the mats. He's fine just angry. stoop out full to Yamawaki to Kolman to Tkatchev some pretty endo/stalders. FTDLO seated far back and step back on landing. Difficulty figuring out his D-score.  6.0/13.175

R. Guscinas - mixed grip to Yamawaki 1/2 to one arm giant, missed next skill (looked like markelov), well controlled Healys, nice Gienger, FTDLO to finish hop forward.  5.7/14.275

E. Zonderland - crowd goes crazy and he stays calm. healy. Cassina - Kovacs. giants to Kolman to Gaylord. Oh my!!! Looked like he was going for German giants, messed up, messed up again - almost falls over,  hop full. DTDLO. Got it around but it looked like he just threw it, had to tuck a bit for landing. 7.2/14.525

S. Piasecky - I like this guy. endo, healy, think that was actually a Markelov and just totally peeled. Yikes! Nice FTDLO - flared out the second salto, small step. 5.6/13.0

K. Kaneko - Kolman a little wild, stoop full, Yamawaki too close and loses swing a bit but saves it, lots of pirouettes. STUCK DTLDO. Nice exclamation point! He's no Kohei though... 6.3/14.325

F. Leimlehner - oh man! Far on his kolman but caught it and connected it to something. Pirouette then Kovacs. Leg separation on one of his handstands. DTDLO - he didn't stick it but man did he get some height! 6.7/14.8

B. Talas - [Markelov or Yamawaki or something?] layout Tkatchev to straddled Tkatchev 1/2, layout Tkatchev 1/2, 1.5 pirouette, some endos, DTDLO large step forward. Not flashy but a very controlled, clean exercise. 14.825/6.6

MAG HB Results
1. B. Talas 14.825/6.6
2. F. Leimlehner 14.8/6.7
3. N. Cordoba 14.65/6.1
E. Zonderland 14.525/7.2
K. Kaneko 14.325/6.3*
R. Guscinas 14.275/5.7
M. Konecny 13.175/6.0
S. Piasecky 13.0/5.6

Women's FX
Croatian - nice full in tucked, next double tuck with a few steps back but still in bounds. leaps. Is this a Rocky remix? 2.5 twist. Then does an Onodi or Kotchetkova maybe. She's enjoying herself. Oh, it's Eye of the Tiger. Think that was a 2/1 dismount.

And now they're presenting WAG FX and MAG PB

N. Makra - triple turn to open. Full in piked, some steps. Nice triple twist - good height but step back. Step back on double pike OOB. Nice handstand choreo showing off her flexibility and toe point. 2.5 punch front tuck to dismount. Good job. 5.6/13.375/-0.1. 7 e-score seems a bit low but we'll see how the rest of the event goes.

R. Tunney - falls on whip to double arabian to open. Full in piked and keeps it in bounds. Nice triple turn. This music is interesting - electric guitar sounding to open to jazz. 1.5 through to 2.5 twist. Nice double pike to end. It's a nice routine but I might like the old one more. She's grown a lot, though!

E. Kramarenko - full in tucked hop back on landing but stays in bounds, double tuck step back. Memmel turn. 1.5 punch front full. Nice down to the floor choreo. switch leap, split leap.  Awkward staring the other way corner, waits, and then does double pike with step back and no ending pose. Oh, Russia.

K. Sankova - double arabian, steps oob. strong tumbling. 1.5 to nice 2.5. Memmel turn - goes a little past. switch ring and then a switch ring 1/2 I think. Double pike lands in bounds but then stepped out with both feet. My favorite so far. Nicer tumbling than dance skills...

A. Kysla - 1.5 to double tuck. another tour switch ring. Memmel turn. 2.5 punch front tuck? switch ring- switch 1/1. Roxanne is her music. Nice double pike! Ring leap! Nice!

J. Lopez - 3/1. sultry music. Nice double pike.  switch 1/1. triple? maybe double turn.  2/1. Switch ring, switch ring 1/2.  Nice on the floor. I think her music is actually that dubstep violinist. 2.5. Nice! I'm confused about that double twist though.

E. Haemmerle - full turn, whip to high double tuck. I'm liking her choreo so far. High double pike. hops to both? oob - who knows what the judges will call it. Haha, Poker Face instrumental version! 3rd pass was I think 1.5 punch front full. Falls on last pass - 2.5. She was doing so well :/

V. Sabatou - Memmel turn. Shoot. Super high double tuck, bounces back and then falls. 1.5 through to 2/1. switch ring-switch 1/1. front aerial nice choreo. Double pike. Nice ending. So unfortunate about the first pass

WAG FX Results
1. J. Lopez 13.775/5.2
2. K. Sankova 13.650/5.7/-0.2
3. A. Kysla 13.525/5.4
N. Makra 13.375/5.6/-0.1
E. Kramarenko 12.925/5.2
R. Tunney 12.875/5.6
V. Sabatou 12.275/4.9/-.3
E. Haemmerle 11.975/5.3/-0.3*

Men's PB
 - likely will not live blog skills. Will let you know if anyone falls or if anything particularly exciting seems to happen.
J. Fuentes - looked good to me. sticks piked double back.
E. Zonderland - He was coming down on one of his skills and his leg went over the bar (commentator says his original skill), seemed like he missed another handstand. Not his day.
K. Kaneko - I don't know when you're supposed to hold your handstands on pbars but seemed like he missed them at the beginning. 2nd half was very clean though. Double pike dismount small hop.
V. Mikhalitsyn - he messed up at the beginning. You know when they do the weird handstand on one bar with hands close together? He straddled there but managed to save it. And double pike dismount.
J. Calvo - good. Terrified me on his Bovsar? Nice dismount off the end! Great work!
F. Arican - holding his handstands for a half hour. He's not getting the height he needs/isn't as clean. But SUPER high double front pike.
M. Koyama - double front tucked dismount.
A Augis - nice routine and nice double front.

MAG PB Results
1. J. Calvo 15.625/6.9
2. A Augis 15.525/6.6
3. F. Arican 15.425/6.4*
M. Koyama 15.325*
J. Fuentes 14.9/6.2
K. Kaneko 14.8/6.2
V. Mikhalitsyn 13.975/5.8
E. Zonderland 13.9/6.0

Women's BB
K. Sankova - nice mount, nice switch ring to ring leap, loses it a little but stays on; ro-layout to 2 feet. small wobble. front aerial. switch ring maybe she wanted to connect those two. full turn. side aerial takes a step back but it flows. side somi with some stiff looking side choreo. dound off double back piked. a few steps but she hit. Ukraine hit!!!!

N. van Klaveren - side aerial - loso. Goes for tour 1/2 hands down and falls. bhs-bhs-layout to 2 feet. easy double turn. Yikes! Front aerial and she slips to her knees and then falls off. Switch split-wolf. Sissone-split? I don't know. They looked the same to me.  2.5 twist dismount was nice.

V. Millousi - ro-loso onto beam, side aerial. switch ring. choreo.  side somi, chest forward. Millousi down on the beam pose. split leap - not sure if she was going for a ring. front aerial-sheep jump. a little off center and falls. NO! bhs-loso. Beautiful. Full turn to sissone. Pretty. Double pike dismount hops back and falls.

J. Cano - leaps - not sure she hit 180. side somi. some agressive choreo. L turn. bhs-loso. switch split.  back tuck. side aerial. switch 1/2 not at 180. double pike dismount. Overall, hit.

J. Lopez - I'm liking the mounts here. switch split-sissone? bhs-bhs-layout 2 feet. switch straddle 1/2? to sheep. nice. front aerial. side aerial. nice. split leap to side somi. confident choreo. full turn. 2.5 twist huge hop forward but nice otherwise.

N. Makra - fhs step out mount. split-wolf. Onodi wobble front aerial to side aerial. Nice choreo walking half the beam. Gainer bhs-layout. L turn-full turn-side somi. switch split back layout step out and fights for her life and stays on. Low to the beam choreo. switch side was questionable. Double pike dismount.

S. Wevers - ro-bhs full onto beam. nice L turn - the Wevers. side aerial-side aerial-front aerial to worlf jump. Interesting. Kotchetkova. L turn, full turn, double pirouette to split leap. Wow.  switch split-wonky Korbut - it's basically a Kotchetkova swing down. double turn. 2/1 dismount.

P. Fedorova - very elegant gymnast. Where has she been hiding? Side aerial to side somi. L turn a little bobble but saves it. switch split-sissone? front aerial-sheep jump could have better extension at hips. bhs-loso and comes off. She seemed to undercut it and couldn't save it. Wonky switch ring. Illusion. 2.5 twist dismount. She reminds me of Grishina+Afansyeva.

WAG BB Results
1. S. Wevers 14.65/6.1
2. J. Lopez 14.575/6.0
3. K. Sankova - 14.175/6.1
N. Makra 13.425/5.8
P. Fedorova 13.15/5.6
J. Cano 13.15/5.3
V. Millousi - 12.15/5.5
N. van Klaveren 10.975/4.9/-0.1

Men's VT
J. Smith - VT1 Tsuk 2.5 - landing was questionable. 4.6/14.325* VT2 - Rudi - very nice, leg separation on landing but nice in the air. 5.2/14.05// 14.188
P. Pulauski - VT1 double front - pretty tucked position but seemed to land a little lock legged, like he didn't open at the right moment. 5.6/14.6 VT2 Tsuk double back steps forward, almost puts hands down but doesn't. He's happy. 6.0/14.925// 14.762
M. Lyszczarz VT1 - nice double front, nice form on tuck, deep landing, small hop.  5.8/14.875 VT2 - Tsuk 2/1 - very nice in the air, steps OOB on landing 14.1// 14.488
T. Tuuha - VT1 - Tsuk 2.5. Nervy landing - deep squat and steps. Nice and clean in air, though. 5.6/
VT2 - FHS 2/1 BEAUTIFUL! just a little hop on the landing. 5.6/
K. Kaneko - VT1 Tsuk 2.5 step on landing, could be tighter in the air. 5.6/14.55 VT2 - Rudi - a little piked and hops
A. Cingolanii - VT1 double front - cowboys it and steps OOB on landing. 5.6/14.025/-.3 VT2 Tsuk 2.5 not pretty in air and hops back on landing.  14.525// 14.275
N. Ha Thanh - VT1 Yurchenko piked double back deep landing and step forward. 6.0/15.175 VT2 Tsuk 2.5 nice in air tiniest hop. 5.6/14.850 //15.012
H. Cuong - VT1 Tsuk 2.5 twist, didn't get the block, nice twist, deep seated landing has to take a step back to an even deeper squat. Someone in the crowd screamed. 5.6/14.45 VT2 - FHS 2/1 again, nice in the air but can't quite land it. 14.65/14.55

MAG VT Results
1. N. Ha Thanh - 15.012
2. P. Pulauski - 14.762
3t. T. Tuuha 14.55
3t. H. Cuong - 14.55
M. Lyszczarz - 14.488
K. Kaneko - 14.375
J. Smith - 14.188
A. Cingolanii - 14.275

Great job to everyone who competed and thanks for following.