Osijek Grand Prix Day 1

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Osijek VT Finals

Results from Qualifications via The Couch Gymnast
Van Klavern 5.5 and 5.8 D, 14.463 average
Netteb, 5.2 and 4.4 D, 13.950 average
Sosnitskaya, 5.6 and 5.0 D, 13.850 average
Makra, 4.4 and 5.0 D, 13.7 average
Phan, 5.0 and 5.8 D, 13.713 average
Rojas 4.0 and 5.0 D, 13.588 average
Plichta 5.20 and 5.0 D, 13.575 average
Cummins, 5.0 and 5.0 D, 13.475 average

Ema Kajic - pretty FTY, (.3) hop back. 5.0/13.925; VT 2 - FHS pike - slight tuck for landing, step back. 4.6/13.1

Alla Sosnitskaya - 3rd in quals VT1 Lopez, not very pretty. Not fully rotated on block (her hips were still sideways) and then piked on landing. 5.6/14.6 VT2 Clean FTY in the air but hop back with some steps, couldn't quite control the landing. 5.8/13.75

Paula Plichta - VT1 - clean FHS front pike 1/2, step back. Overall, nice vault. 5.0/13.950 VT2 - Tsuk 1/1 with a VERY deep landing. She's in a simple white leo with a butterfly on it. It's simple but I like it. 5.0/13.375

Noemi Makra - VT1 - FHS front pike 1/2 - she FLEW off the spingboard. I was terrified she would just fly over it... But the VT was clean, good block, didn't stick landing. 5.0/13.975 VT2 - Just a layout Yuchenko. Very pretty though. 4.4/13.575

Phan Thi Ha Thanh - VT1 - scary DTY, landed facing sideways but she seems ok. They gave her credit for 1.5. 5.3/14.0. VT2 - Rudi pretty piked and then had to barely got the last twist around. 6.2/14.575/-.1

Claudia Cummins - VT1 - FTY, clean in air but then took a big step forward and quickly saluted. 5.0/13.8/-.1 VT2 - FSH front pike 1/2 - bent legs for the 1/2 twist and quick step and salute. Low chest. 5.0/13.550

Noel van Klaveren - will she do the Tsuk 1.5?! VT1 - DTY strong. I have faith she'll have an Amanar next year, to be honest. Big hop back and step. 5.8/15.025 VT2 - She goes for it! Step forward! Small leg separation on pre-flight but I didn't notice it until the replay. Yes! 5.5/14.5 (9.0 e-score).

Chantysha Netteb - VT1 - 1.5TY almost stuck, small step forward. Huge smile. Bent legs noticed on replay. 5.3/14.6 VT2 - clean Tsuk 1/1. Coach is telling her about her landing. 5.2/14.425

Ivet Rojas Galean (VEN) - VT1 - strong FTY, small step back. 5.0/14.0 VT2 - FHS tucked front. She fell and did a forward roll out of it. Not sure what happened but she's fine. 4.4/11.625/-.3

1. Noel van Klaveren 14.762
2. Chantysha Netteb 14.512
3. Phan Thi Ha Thanh 14.287
4. Alla Sosnitskaya 14.175
5. Noemi Makra 13.775
6. Claudia Cummins 13.675
7. Paula Plichta 13.662
8. Ema Kajic 13.512
9. Ivet Rojas 12.813

Men's PH Results

Women's UB
Results from Qualifications via The Couch Gymnast
Jessica Lopez 14.6/6.3
Alla Sosnitskaya 14.775/5.9
Makra Noemia 14.050/5.7
Ekaterina Kramarenko 13.875/5.7
Kristyna Palesova 13.8/5.5
Nastasiya Miklashevich 13.475/5.1
Angelina Kysla 13.450/5.3
Jana Sikulva 3.175/5.4

Now, we wait.

UB Start List

SR Start List (no live blog)

Anastasiya Miklashevich - nice straddled Jaeger, nice stalder goes to LB and then peels on toe on. Double front and couldn't hold on. Falls back. 2 falls. She's a nice bar worker, though. Pretty handstands, overall good form. 5.0/11.450

Angelina Kysla - LB stalder shoot to high, toe on 1/2 couldn't get over on the next giant and comes off. She tried again, I missed it, but she fell again. Just does another giant 1/2 to double front. No release. Not sure what happened there. 3.4/9.something (haha, the commentator just said that too).

Alla Sosnitskaya - LB - toe on Shaposh, stalder full to Tkatchev to fall. Yikes! gets back on the LB toe on 1/2 to high, toe on 1/2, giant, double front dismount. Not bad otherwise. 4.9/12.575

Noemi Makra - LB toe on pirouette but couldn't make it over. Her legs were in double stag before she came off. Starts again. Toe on full, Shaposh. High Jaeger to kip cast handstand to piked Tkatchev to kip cast handstand to  to straddled Tkatchev. bail to handstand shoot to high. Yikes. Ping and knee down on double layout. It looked like she might have made it but she didn't. 5.6/11.6

Kristyna Palesova - jump to HB. stalder 1/2 to straddled jaeger, bail to handstand, stalder full shoot to high, stalder to Tkatchev. Weird giants to nice double layout dismount. 5.5/14.05

Ekaterina Kramarenko - LB toe on giant, stalder full to shaposh 1/2, toe on 1/2 to jaeger. bit far but caught. toe on full to pak. pretty. kchs 1/2 pirouette shoot to high, full twisting double back dismount. Small step. She's happy. 5.8/14.425

Jessica Lopez - HB over on first handstand swings back and somehow does a Tkatchev to pak. Shaposh to immediate bail to toe shoot to high. giant 1/2 to Jaeger, giant 1/1 to Tkatchev, giant 1/2 to double tuck front. Her coach is happy but I am thoroughly confused... 6.0/13.875

Jana Sikulova - HB stalder 1/2 to Markelov. kchs to stalder full to Gienger. Too far and falls. bail to handstand shoot to high. Giant 1/2 to double front dismount. 5.3/12.450

1. Ekaterina Kramarenko 14.425
2. Kristyna Palesova 14.050
3. Jessica Lopez 13.875
4. Alla Sosnitskaya 12.575
5. Jana Sikulova 12.450
6. Noemi Makra 11.600
7. Anastasiya Miklashevich 11.450
8. Angelina Kysla 9.xxx