Montage Monday: We Got the Fire

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We Got the Fire
by AshleyakaFlipper/@ashley_flipper
This one is probably my favorite for the past 2 weeks - it does help that I love Ellie Goulding. Ashley made this montage using the television footage of US Nationals and highlighted the many skills by adjusting the speed. There were contrasts of regular speed with portions of the same clip that were slowed down or sped up. It reminded me of the Doha footage which is some of my favorite footage for that exact reason. There were also some epic faces that were highlighted - one being Mykayla Skinner after she successfully landed her Cheng.

Aliya and Nabs || Let me be your Ruler
by SuperGymmie/@SuperGymmie
This montage was actually a request since I love the song Royal by Lourdes and it's nonchalant but confident tone fits these 2 gymnasts perfectly. SG whipped this together and may make another version with Worlds footage. After Universiade, I was very excited for Tatiana Nabieva and Anna Dementyeva. Now that Nabieva has made the Worlds team and will attend the Championships with her best friend, Aliya Mustafina, for the first time since 2010 we all have a little more to look forward to. The bond between these two (and the faces they'll probably make) are sure to keep us entertained!

Peyton Ernst - Fix You
by DakotaLaaand/@usateamfan1
She's back! And has made 3 beautiful montages in the process - the others are for Simone Biles and McKayla Maroney. This one was my favorite of the 3. Washing out the video helped to blend the montage well with the music. Ernst had a shot at the UB/BB spot but it wasn't to be.

Madison Kocian. Something's Gotta Change by elite gymnastics montages/@lauren_stevens2 - (Warning: Injury) This is a tribute to Madison Kocian who was having a stellar performance on Night 1 of US National Championships until she rolled her ankle on floor exercise. After the fall, she got up and continued her floor routine. The United States needed a bar and beam worker and Kocian had the potential to fill that spot until the injury. She joins a long list of over 30 athletes that have been injured in this lead up to Worlds and, therefore, were unable to attempt to qualify or attend the meet. Something's gotta change.

When Gymnastics is Cool by dominiquemoceanufan - I've wanted a montage like this for a while that highlights the cool parts of choreography that use gymnastics moves - like Anastasia Grishina's handstand choreography or Ragan Smith's choreography in a bridge. I like the pieces that were chosen but I can't say that I love the music.

Which one of the above is your favorite? Any montages I missed?