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It's been almost a month since I last wrote a post. Life happens. Actually, school happens and tests happen. But that's all done now (hopefully) and so we start a new chapter! More posts will be coming your way so I figured this Montage Monday will be some of my favorite montages from meets I didn't get to blog about - mainly European Youth Olympic Festival, Universiade, and US Secret Classic.

First off, I had a playlist going of montages I liked throughout July 2013. You can check that out HERE. There are some gems in there including montages of gymnasts we don't usually see like Brenna Dowell and Carlotta Ferlito.

European Youth Olympic Festival
EYOF took place in Utrecht, Netherlands. The format was 3 members on the team with 2 athletes competing and 2 scores counting. We saw the showdown of the future starts of Romania vs. Russia but we also got a preview of what Great Britain will bring to the table, not only in WAG but also in MAG. Sports2Visuals, the same group that produces The Hard Way to Success documentaries, was there with some high definition footage and some great montages too. These 2 were my favorite. I thought they gave the best variety of gymnasts along with some great reactions of coaches and the crowd. For those of you that are still getting into MAG, make sure to watch the second one!

Team Competition Women

Apparatus Finals Men & Women

Universiade/University Games
The Games were held in Kazan, Russia and the Russians came with their college eligible A-team. We saw a great return for Anna Dementyeva and Tatiana Nabieva, we saw Afansyeva join the ranks of 2-vaulters, we saw the return of North Korea after a 2-year ban and we saw one of the most exciting vault finals and one that gives us a preview for Worlds 2013. Here are 2 montages to recap the women's portion of the meet. These 2 montages couldn't be further opposites but both capture the meet beautifully.

Universiade 2013 Gymnastics~Black Light

2013 University Games Montage

2013 US Secret Classic
Classics is the first meet of the year for most US elites. Along with all the spills, it proved to be a great debut for some athletes and a chance to test out new skills on a podium before the National Championships. One thing I noticed, and many agreed with, is that the juniors seem to be much more fluid when compared to the seniors. There is a lot of sass and high quality performance in the floor routines, much better execution on beam, and greater control and rhythm on uneven bars. Simply put, if there was a junior Worlds, the senior and junior team would look like vastly different competitors. Here's a great montage of just the juniors.

Wake Me Up. Juniors. 2013 Secret Classic.

Which montage was your favorite? Which meet was your favorite?

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  1. I hadn't paid much attention to the U.S. juniors, but this montage definitely woke me up! There is some great gymnastics happening in that video!