Experience US Nationals Day 2

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Going to Nationals was so much fun. I met Rick, Lauren, Spanny, Chalk It Up, and Cordelia. I took pictures with Olympians (and their dads) but most importantly, I got to see amazing gymnastics right in front of me.

Around Molly Frack - Alex Naddour, Ivana M Hong, Danell Leyva

Valeri Liukin You're all probably wondering how I got Valeri Liukin's autograph. We were leaving after the announcement of the senior national team and the moment we joined the wave of people walking towards the exit, I spotted him. I exclaimed, "Oh my God, Valeri!" but in a whisper because I didn't want to be that girl. Chalk It Up asked where but I ran behind him. "Valeri?" No response. "Valeri?" and I tapped his shoulder. He looked at me and I asked if I could have his autograph. He did that Valeri smirk and nodded but we had to keep walking. I couldn't find my marker so Chalk It Up caught up and gave him her marker and autograph book. Then, I gave him mine. By then, we were approaching the entrance where there would be even more people so he only got to write his name. He's one of those that signs and writes it. But whatever. I touched Valeri's shoulder. He smirked at me. And all is good in the world. We said thank you and he ran off. These ladies behind us told us we were lucky. Yes, very lucky indeed!

More WOGA - After the junior session, we were walking to the other side so that we could better see them present the athletes. Chalk It Up spotted Lexie Priessman talking to Katelyn Ohashi and Rebecca Bross and both agreed to give us their autographs. We both already had Lexie's so here begins the tail of us becoming Lexie's autograph bff.

Now, we'll go back in chronological order

After the juniors, Chalk It Up and I walked out. We spotted Poof Beucler, her sister Marissa Beucler, and host sister Aja Monet-Sims. They all agreed to sign for us and Mama Beucler was really nice too! Marissa was on crutches. Aja said she's class of 2014 but plans to start this season at Alabama. Mo has a cute signature since she makes paw prints out of the o in Mo.

We walked out and I turned around and saw Nia Dennis' family. I not-so-secretly wanted to take a picture with them because they are the cutest family known to mankind. If you haven't watched the footage on the Region 5 gymnastike go do it now!

Then, we waited by the stairs next to a bunch of 10 year olds and waited for the juniors to come up. We got Grace Quinn and Ragan Smith (who signs with the Olympic rings). The WOGA girls came up (yes, with Laurent) and everyone bombarded them but I spotted Madison Kocian. She was on crutches at the time and went to the back to wait for her teammates so I left the crowd and went to her. We decided to leave and passed Sydney Johnson-Scharpf on the way out and got Brandy Johnson's too.

We went running around looking for food and a place with outlets so we could charge our phone. We walked in one direction and found Danell Leyva. I didn't have his autograph so I got it and also got a picture with him. His mom, aka my bff, was there so I went to ask her more about Jessica Gil. It sounds like after the Olympics, Jessica went to have surgery for a condition she was born with involving the ligaments in her knee and the way they were rubbing over each other. She reiterated that she's doing well, though. I still didn't ask about Worlds but we'll see. She also said, "You know Jessica?" Yes, I know Jessica and I hope she makes a speedy recovery!

Dinner yada yada. Then we got to see some of senior warmups. We went between the floor and beam - Kyla was on beam and McKayla was just mosey-ing around on floor since she wasn't doing beam. Watching them is super funny. They were both focused but had moments of responding to the crowd. McKayla was pretty steady throughout. I felt like she'd wait an extra second before turning to give her people adequate time for a photo. Kyla was funny though. These little girls next to us screamed "Kyla Kyla!" She was doing so well but then at the last minute she looked up and smiled at them. It was the cutest thing.

So warm-ups finished and we were heading back to our seats. Then we pass this guy. Who is this guy? Pommels pommels pommels! Wynn? No not Wynn you fool. Pommels... Pommels... "Alex, can I have your autograph?" He belongs in the super chill group too because he said "Yeah, sure." Then he told us, "Alright, guys. Have a good time!" Wait. Are you telling me to have a good time? He with the reputation of only guy in the country that can do pommel horse? You want me to have a good time? Well, aren't you nice? So, that is why I love Alex Naddour. Honestly, he's more attractive in person. That GQ photoshoot doesn't do him justice.

We're still making our way over and Chalk It Up is suddenly like, "Ivana Hong! Ivana Hong! Ivana Hong!" So we ask for her autograph too. Now she asks us if we're from the area. Excuse me, your royal highness of perfect form? Are you asking me a question too? We thanked her and wished her luck for the school year and walked away in shock that we met Ivana Hong and she spoke to us.

Seniors compete yada yada. I went over to where Chalk It Up was sitting and Amanda Borden was across from us. She was tired and cranky so we didn't bother her. I bothered Jordan Chiles though. She's cute as a button. We left. We waited in that same area but the seniors had interviews so only Erin Macadaeg and Abby Milliet came out. We both already had Abby's but we were both tempted to ask her for it again just to tell her we love her. We got Erin's and then went on our merry way to the Hilton.

Bross got bombarded once she came in the door. Chalk It Up hadn't gotten Nica Hult's yet. If there's one person I recommend you get, it's Nica. Nica's face lights up and you could probably have a whole conversation with her if you wanted to.

So, I have a radar apparently for Vanasia Bradley's coach. One of the many to add to my list of people to marry (but, no seriously). I got Vanasia's. She was talking to someone at first so I just stood there and the coach and I were joking around.

Simone Biles snuck in but then got bombarded so I got a picture with her. On my way out, Maggie Nichols was stopped in the street. I was waiting in line at first but then hordes of little kids came from every which angle. I wasn't in the mood. If there's one autograph I'm sad I didn't get, it's Maggie's but it's ok, I saw her live.

Oh yeah, we finally got Amelia Hundley's. I think Lexie was near her again. So this was take 27 of asking for an autograph while Lexie was around. We're not crazy, Lexie, promise. We got Bailie Key's too but I can't remember when. Maybe walking to our seats for the seniors - Naddour, Key, Hong.

Think that was everyone. I'll be giving one to My Crazy World of Graphics who made the image that I used. The other 2 will be up for grabs. I'll keep you guys posted on the details once I figure them out.

I'll do the men's tomorrow. Hang tight!