On The Rise: Mexico - A Look at Ana Lago

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Ana Lago
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Ana is the 2011 Pan American Champion on floor exercise (embedded below) and was a member of the 2011 World Championship team. She attended the 2012 Test Event with countrywoman Elsa Garcia but did not get to advance to the Olympics since she was 2nd amongst the 2 gymnasts. Lago was recently named National Olympiad Champion after 4 very strong routines. The routines below are from both National Championships and National Olympiad.

UB - Gienger, Hindorff, pak
BB - Ana Lago was the first Mexican gymnast to compete a standing arabian on beam
FX - double layout, double L turn and some nice choreography

Floor Exercise at 2011 Pan American Games

Lago is definitely one to watch in the future but, unfortunately, she was recently injured while performing a double twisting Yurchenko. "It was in the Olympiad in a training after the all around competition that I got the injury in the knee. The doctors made some tests and told me it was necessary to realize a surgery." She has already had surgery and is looking at at least four months of rehabilitation. A news segment on the injury can be found here. Lago is looking at Olympic Champion Aliya Mustafina as inspiration since Aliya tore her ACL in 2011 and had a very strong return in 2012 as the most decorated gymnast at the London Olympics. (Thank you @Kleon01 of Doble en Plancha for your help with the translation!)

There has also been recent footage of Ana training some very exciting skills. It's unfortunate that she's out for the season but I am very much looking forward to her return.

"I think in a future I will be realizing the double double and to perform two vaults. About the triple, I never considered to actually perform it in my floor routine. I was actually just having fun!"

VT - working on a Rudi (tucked)

Double Double

Triple Back!

We wish you a healthy and speedy recovery!

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