Noël van Klaveren (NED) - Amanar

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Noël van Klaveren is a promising gymnast from the Netherlands who was named the 2013 European Vault Silver medalist. At the recent 2013 Dutch Nationals, van Klaveren came in 4th in the all-around after some trouble on uneven bars and came in 2nd on vault after a fall on her double twisting Yurchenko. Her second vault is a very clean Tsuk full. She only recently started competing the double twisting Yurchenko but there is footage of her training an Amanar. I don't think we'll see it this year considering her DTY is still new. Thank you, @gymnasticsNL.

Van Klaveren will be featured in this month's The Hard Way to Success. This is a great series of documentaries on Dutch gymnasts battling back from injuries and other obstacles in all the different gymnastics specialties - acrobatics and trampoline have been represented so far along with artistic gymnastics. The episode is in Dutch and has English subtitles. Here's a trailer for the next series set to air on July 1. I'm very curious as to van Klaveren's story and what we may expect from her this quadrennium.

Edit 7/2 - Here's the episode and it's my favorite so far! Watch on youtube or below: