Montage Monday: Family Matters

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I was trying to come up with a title for this week's Montage Monday and "Family Matters" seemed most appropriate since we've now celebrated both Mother's and Father's Day and most of the montages have a family theme to them.

One gymnastics journey
I got an email about this montage and I'm glad I did. A mother made a montage of her daughter's journey through gymnastics. "This is my daughter, one of the kids who had average scores, who was cautious & moved slowly, but had a passion & a belief that she could achieve her goals. And against the odds she achieved her goals, doing D3 NCAA gymnastics at Hamline University, competing all 4 years & having the time of her life. Don't give up if you have a passion... I want those kids out there who don't think they stand a chance, but love the sport, to know there is a place for them to live their dreams." [There is also another montage of the 2013 season for the Hamline Piper gymnasts here.]

Dominique Pegg - Wonder
Chris Saccullo put this video together with the help of some footage from Nick Pegg, Dominique's older brother. Dominique may be headed to the USA this fall to compete NCAA although nothing has been confirmed. Dominique was part of Canada's history-making Olympic team and was the only Canadian gymnast to compete in the all around event final where she finished in 17th place.

Nick made this video on National Sibling Day ... which didn't end as I expected here. Brothers! Check out his channel for some London VLogs here.

Nebraska Gymnastics 2013 Season Highlight Video
This video was made by a fan of Nebraska and highlights some of the great moments of the season. (For those who don't watch NCAA/montages, go to 2:35 to watch Emily Wong. She has one of the nicest triple twists being competed now.)

I was actually going to share a different video before GymCastic tweeted about the newer one. The same user made a video in 2012 celebrating all the great gymnasts Nebraska has had since 1997, the year they first appeared in the Super Six. Nebraska Gymnastics Tribute

Happy Father's Day
Lastly, USA Gymnastics wishes everyone a Happy Father's Day with some heartfelt clips of gymnasts with their dads.

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